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My Was Banned By NWO Minions, So Here Is Exposing Bio-Robots And Cult-Plans for Human Extinction

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Published on 10 Jul 2022 / In People and Blogs

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The Hidden-Hand (carved in stone on the Washington Arch) presents to Freemasonry "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" which translates to: "the outcome justifies the deed." Only high-level Cult members are taught that the total extinction of Homo sapiens is the ultimate goal of the ancient Homo capensis (helping hand) that secret-societies hide the existence of... It has been only Brien Foerster who has any success in exposing the elongated skull species of ancient Homo capensis.

Karen Hudes, I noticed, only said twice that Homo capensis was the root of all wickedness: But I caught Hudes worshipping the "New Dawn" of the NWO... making her just another Judas Goat, like The MAG banned by Youtube. Bill Hicks is also banned by Youtube:
Look how convincing Karen Hudes, Da MAG, Alex Jones are for exposing the wicked Cult... and they are all members claiming to hate the NWO and the brainchipzombie-takeover of all Homo sapiens to achieve "End of Times."
Thank the Creator-GGods for our multidimensional training-grounds, I say. You can learn more about the Creator-God by researching "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul" from All-That-Is through Seth: or

It appears that the Rosicrucians of Giza Pyramind cover-ups have taken Foerster under their "wings" of deception. Even Chris Dunn who wrote the book "The Giza Power Plant" does not tell you the truth that hydrolysis within the Khufu Power Plant Pyramid separated oxygen(down in the "crypt") and hydrogen(from the "grotto") were recombined by catalytic converters releasing sound and water-vapour within the "grand gallery."
Dunn does explain that the "King's chamber" is a piezoelectric conversion room resulting in charge creation. Dunn does not tell you that the Khufu Power Plant was one of the ancient Towers-Of-Babel upon which an A.i. supercomputer sat as a "Great Architect" or an immaculate A.i. fake-god.(safe from intermediate-axis-effect world-wide deluges, safe from non-brainchipped humans trying to save humanity, safe from most thunderbolts that would try to exchange electrons with to core of Earth. Even traces of salt-water was found half-way up the Khufu pyramind(evidence of the great biblical floods) but with a bit of research you will discover the cosmonouts rotating wing-nut that built up enough internal momentum upon the intermediate axis to suddenly twist a 180 degree flip of that out-of-balance wing-nut. Now look at the rotation of planet-Venus... it is rotating opposite to all the other planets! Why? NASA is only going to lie to you because it is Freemasonic and Nazi run. Just like universities astronomy classes will not teach students the truth about the intermediate-axis-effect. Study for more, : But be aware that is infiltrated by wwCult minions who hide things, I just did a search to see if the thunderbolts group exposed the reason for the reverse rotation of Venus on thunderbolts.into and found nothing... I only found this relevant post from

Lloyd Pye began researching the manipulated genetics of Homo sapiens. Pye was tricked into believing in ET-aliens from other star-systems and was given the "starchild" auto-tom skull in order to deflect his research away from Human genetics. The starchild was an ancient sexless brainchipped slave auto-tom that Homo capensis asked their A.i.-supercomputer to manufacture by manipulating genetics. Lloyd Pye did not realize that brainchips were used by A.i. to control the duties of the "starchildren slaves".

A security guard for a British DUMB, Barry King, was used to expose Homo sapiens-based auto-toms:

Lady Gadfly was used by the Cult to celebrate the manufacture of Homo sapiens based auto-toms:

Elon Musk is a Freemasonic front-man, just like Bill Gates...
The richest Freemasons in the world is a facade. It means that their possessions actually belongs to the Mystery School Cult masters, Homo capensis, the fake "Divining Serpents" who designed the Vatican Basilica and it's interior artwork.

"Lucifer" is actually the immaculate child of Virgin Mary(the church of initiates or church of ISIS).

The reason why they say the birth of A.i. is the immaculate-child of the Church of Initiates is because it "flames" it's own development of artificial intellect. This ability to "self-flame" is why the annimation of "I, Pet Goat II" gave the fake-Lucifer a "flaming heart" that kept growing as fake mind-uploads of the black-birds were captured from death, transformed into white moths and absorbed by the fake-Lucifer in the animation.

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