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"I, Pet Goat II" Analysis has lots of A.I. Secrets to Expose that Everyone Seemed to Miss.

JamesRoss - 752 Views
Published on 02 Apr 2021 / In Film and Animation

This is no April fools joke. A.I. take-over of humanity is riddled throughout this animation.

Dr. Robert Duncan:

Polina exposes the true brainchip (Elon Musk's Neuralink is fake)

New slave race (exposed by Barry King) in the UK Underground Mulitary Bases:

As was the A.I. upload symbolism by Madonna at Eurovision2019

You didn't know the Cult exposed a new Slave-race of minion like the Starchild which Lloyd Pye championed until his sudden death.

The little monsters are what Lady Gadfly was enacting with her birthing from an egg performance. The slave-creature is A.I. controlled.

The floating light particles in the animation were symbolic to the surveillance communications are called "Celdar"

Scanning for brainchips, tower of babel hivemind tools for initiates or suppression tools against the unsworn

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

PLEASE do one on PET Goat 3.... Jeepo Jinx on Tik Tok... #TheCrewRRR [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

IF they can do it there, THEY can do it here

Had youm told me as a Child way back in 1970 A.D. that there would be “machines” that could wake you up, and the give you the NEWS just like the Robots in the First STAR WARS of 1976 A.D. at the 200th Celebration of the [Take Over] Qballs~ /_\ of the USA by these U.N. Troops even before the MUD FLOOD WARS at the Age of 11, I would have said: That sounds pretty good… However, now that I live in the Reality of the A.I. EMPIRE where all the DEATH STAR Androids and (Cyborgs) of Cylons have taken all human jobs in 2021 C.E. the child in me does not find this to be some pleasantry… This Google Assistant: that has all my movements for each and every day where it will tell me this is your ITINERARY for the day “seems a wonder” that all the things I input into the Electronic Calendar the A.I. Machine can see, and my Cell Phone has Sensors, so my S.M.A.R.T. Phone can track {my movement} throughout my home, and the Facial Recognition of the Cameras built into every “wear” can tell my EMOTIONAL Facial expression from Town to Town, and Clown to Clown, and still me thinks [OTHER WORLD] had all this figured out in 1985 A.D.

The world we live in is the LAND of the “Living Dead” where we are Born as CORPORATIONS, and our Social Security Number is connected to the ROUTING Number of our Federal Reserve Stock Market Exchange, and though many are now dead from the LIES of (COVID19) me thinks We The People died long ago, and each time we are born, we are just reliving a Fantasy of Death, and Murder, and Rape, and continual [enlightenment] by all these Magical TV SCREENS!!! For over a year now, the Oracle for the End of an Age has wrote every “secret” ever known to Mankind be we male and female, and though the TV SCREENS and (Medical) Practitioners say teenagers have forgotten how to fall in love and make more babies, I do not fall for this, for the YOUTH [will always] have A desire too connect in romance with the ones they see… Yet these #COVAXXED do inject Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY into the Blood and {the Veins} and these RADIOACTIVE Telephones do increase in Radiation Poisoning, and Radiation Sickness…. After all, you keep PUMPING Liquid Metallic (Substances) into any Biological HUMAN Machine, and then I Guess “those” METALS could {rust our love} for one another.?.?.?

You would think an OLD FOOL like me would [not] concern my self with the BOOK OF REVELATION from the Holy Catholic “Order” where The RED DRAGON is Made in China of these Merchant Ships that Cried in 2020 C.E. as all shipping was made AUTOMATED, and no more human inference (is needed) too Drive a School Bus to the Giant Taiwanese Choo Choo Trains, and now the Jumbo Jets will no longer have Human {Biological Pilots} cause The EDISON A.I. can do all things from Control the Army Tanks to the Navy Ships to the Air Force NUCLEAR BOMB Drops on all {U.N. FLAGS} on this side of FLAT EARTH!!! It is a TRUTH` that the more BIG WORDS youm can add to your mind and soul and spirits, the more you see (S.A.T.A.N.) is nothing but these hand held Arrhythmical Interfaces, and the [LIGHT] of Lucifer has always been the Radio TV Shows, and the GRAVEN IMAGES of these Movie Screens, and now Radio, and Movies, and anything can be done by this Little {Hand Held Device} in my RIGHT HAND as it “Beams” the PROJECT BLUE BEAM lights into my Visionary FANTASIST Dreams!!!! Why should I worry if we are in HELL, and HADES, and the LAND OF THE DEAD for no one ever leaves PURGATORY, and no one ever will…

It is ODDTV and JON LEVI too me that brings FLAT EARTH BRITISH into this conversation, and I know you have read this far, so youm most likely wear A Cyborg “CYLON” Watch on your Right or Left Wrist as a Bracelt of your Subjugation, and Servitude to the CORPORATION [U.N. FLAG] of the USA Military Base in your land, and you “think” youm got it all under CONTROL and all put together as these U.N. Military Militant JETS [Spray] TOXIC WASTE, and Medications into our skies breathing them into OUR Lungs and Eyes: cause youm were raised by this FREE MASON Religion of Worshiping DEATH, and since we “nonmason” and Youm FREE MASON are all born into the {LAND OF THE DEAD} inside this Celestial Sphere where youm can pull out your Phone, and Look at the “Constellations” in the Night and Day Sky, but when was the last time [you] saw the Horizon of your skies with your own mind.?.?.? Why do we keep ending up in the DAYS OF NOAH over and over forever and ever.?.?.?.?.?, and What did (you do) in this life, or the last, or the next: too keep (waking up) here with all the rest of us whom can [never] leave this place of Madness – Lunatic Asylums of DO AS YOU ARE TOLD when those youm follow’ do not do WHAT THEY SAY???????

Johnny Exodice

For those of you’m whom have read all the Thoughts of {The Great Teacher} and The Commander, we know you have DE-Ja-VU in this never ending “Oraborus” Curse……., and we now know DARK MUSIC is more about the unfairness of [PizzaGATE] +=+ Satanist with their {G4S] YOUNG TRANNY SEX Porn Websites of HUMAN TRAFFICKING by U.N. Troops in all Countries on this side of FLAT EARTH where the INNER EARTH {D.U.M.B.S.} pumps all the Waters of OUR Oceans back up into the (Water Falls) in the High Mountains, and This MACHINE we do so too live in can FLOOD THE WORLD by way of them {Portals in the Firmament} of the DOME OF THE ROCK, and you just want to “twiddle” your thumbs, and play INTERNET GAMES till the day you cry: THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

The Society of nonmason~

If you have never watched the 1970’s LOGANS RUN Movie, maybe now {is the time} too learn about The Great NUCLEAR Hydrogen “Holocaust” Atomic WAR of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855, and was COVERED UP by your Commanding Officers…….., and these WORLD LEADERS of every U.N. FLAG…

The Sentinel…

Only A FOOL would not (head the Warning) [{**}] of The Raca in MATHEW 5…

The Commander~

Σ † ∞ π ‡ Ω

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Right2BearKnowledge 2 years ago

sound? no audio?

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