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Ventura exposes Dr. Robert Duncan (He is covering up the Tower-Of-Babel Freemasonic Hivemind)

JamesRoss - 1,272 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In News and Politics

Youtube banned this video for some reason... maybe because youtube is wwCult-run, Luciferian.

The wwCult creates front-men to push agendas.
Dr. Robert Duncan's new job is to gather a following of believers who he will convince that the CIA and the thUg-Network cannot be stopped... the technology has progressed too far... Total lies. Duncan is still serving the thUg-network claiming that his life is in danger and that is why he has gone public. The brainchip can do this:

The Tower-Of-Babel is believed by the minions to be their access to Lucifer's fake-"Light." They call Lucifer their "light-bearer" which is another lie... Their is no "Light" it is a Homo capensis trick played upon the spiritual morons, like the Freemasons, but all wwCult initiates or the "Church of Isis". they are rising thUgtopia which they are calling "New Atlantis."

In most of his public lectures Duncan leaves his audience terrified by convincing them that the technology cannot be taken out of the hands of the wicked nor stopped. He is the epitome of a Judas Goat. He is ashamed that he helped the "Dark Side." What a screw-ball liar!

His other purpose is to hide the need for covertly implanted brainchips in order to put a voice into the Manchurian candidate's mind remotely. The brainchip is required and have been used by the military since Vietnam Rambo-chip.
Duncan's other job is to convince you a computer-brain-interface is not required to manifest the "voice of god" weapon. Duncan is a liar and Judas Goat.

I bought his book written with Hall "Satellite Terrorism" and maybe there is something to it with all the white-smoke energy induced fires like Notre Dame.

The best thing that Duncan did is explain "heterodyning" as the brainchip-to-brainchip-remote controlling of the human zombies.
Vaccines can't make wireless-zombies without the brain interface exposed by Polina Anikeeva: But Polina is a Cult liar too, saying it is in development... That technology was in use in the "Rambo-Chip"

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

As a kind of cross-reference to Polina's magnetic nano-particles in your food and drink in order for the brainchips to biorobot and speak back into your mind... Dr Robert Duncan, another Judas Goat like Polina talks about magentically activated nano-particles:

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

His purpose is to lie about not being able to stop this hivemind/ Tower-Of-Babel. Lies...
A brainchip is required to interface the microwave signals just like a cell phone, but the brainchip is nano-tech and way more powerful than desktop computer of the same year of production.
The brainchip has always used magnetic nano-particles to interact with neurons. Polina Anikeeva is lying to you saying these nano-scanners MRIs are new technology. The thUgs can get their magnetic slurry of nano-particles into any processed food or drink in North America. The Freemasons have a monopoly over the food and drink corporations for this very reason. I cause them such a hassle switching the foods and drinks that I consumed that they eventually covertly implanted me with a secret slow release medication sack that they seem to be able to recharge while I am forced to remain asleep. The first thing that they do is covertly install a brainchip. Once that is installed they thUgs can instantly render your mind unconcious and bio-robot you.

Dr. Duncan knows all of this... he is a judas goat of lies who's purpose is to hide the necessity of a covertly installed brainchip and to tell you that they have won... you cannot stop the technology. A big lie... remove the chip or stop the cellular microwave grid. The A.I. computer is well out of reach, deep in some DUMB I suppose. Don't trust anything that a thUgs tell you... develop your own critical-thinking and trust that and your intuitions instead. (antissss unaux com)(tob ezyro com)

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RaiseUrVibration 2 years ago

This man is diabolical and gets off on this. Look at him smirking the whole interview. Demonic.

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