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Star Child Skull Analysis by Lloyd Pye

JamesRoss - 231 Views
Published on 31 Jan 2021 / In People and Blogs

Lloyd Pye was a private researcher who began to discover the ancient manipulations of the human genetics.
This did not make sense since the Cult teaches in schools that there were no high-tech ancient technological civilizations that could create fantastically complex Giza Pyramids that the wwCult put on the USA one dollar fiat bank-note (it is not real money)... are you clueing-in? The Pyramid on the USA dollar note is the symbol of the ancient-thUgs.

Lloyd Pye's research was beginning to reveal that human genetics was actually a splice... so the wwCult had to shut him up. So the masons arranged to give him an ancient genetic manipulation which would baffle Pye into an new direction rather than exposing ancient human genetic manipulation.
Pye was given the Homo capensis slave-skull.

Homo capensis are the cone-heads who developed that ancient called "Jehovah".

We are not the most advanced civilization that ever lived upon Earth. The Cult-sworn know this, and they have all been brainwashed to destroy humanity as idiot-minions who will eventually commit suicide out of stupidity/bamboozlement. This is the glory of the Mystery School Cult minions... self-righteous stupidity where they all eventually commit suicide out of brainwashed stupidity. They are spiritual morons, the whole lot of them.

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