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Starchild Skull Gets Physical by Lloyd Pye

JamesRoss - 222 Views
Published on 31 Jan 2021 / In Science

The unsworn portion of humanity have been lied to.
After Lloyd caught sudden cancer and died, four more starchild skulls came out of the woodwork. Lloyd was searching the world for more examples of this type of skull, but obviously the Cult was holding them back from the public because of Pye.
If Lloyd had two of these skulls his trouble battling the Cult would have been in his favour. Here are two more skulls in Paracas skull museum

Homo capensis are the ancients that still hide amoungst humanity today

This strange skull is that of a GMO slave altered to never grow-up to adult size. Small and subservient. The Homo capensis species is still hiding amoungst humanity... particularly Switzerland or Templarland, but they have underground access to anyplace, even Winnipeg, manitoba.

Lloyd Pye died of a sudden and surprising cancer.
Some claim he was assassinated by the Cult.
Pye was getting too close to public revelations, it seems
Even the owner of the skull seems to be within the thUg-network... now she foofooing Pye's grand efforts towards public-truth within a Cult-"rigged game."

Pye showed more scientific-procedure than the Royal Society of religious, scientist-fakers who hide as much valid ancient knowledge of the Primate Tree as possible.

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Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee 2 years ago

Starchild ha ha ha ha ha, more like lack of Nutrition Child

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

no, you need to study reality more.

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