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Karen Hudes WORLD BANK Insider reveals who`s behind the Vatican

JamesRoss - 2,123 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Another Interview:

Karen Hudes changed her mode after the fake covid hit. She now hints at a "New Dawn" talking about her favourite song is "Oh what a Beautiful Morning."
The Dawn of the New Age is where the Mystery School Cult rebuilds it's "Great Work" the "Tower-Of-Babel"
The Tower-Of-Babel is the 1) Microwave control-grid; 2) a brainchipped population; 3) An Artificial Intelligent Supercomputer which will control the entire world. This is Hudes' gloating of a "Beautiful Morning." She is a Judas Goat convincing the unsworn sheep to be easily herded to their slaughter-houses, so to speak.
All sworn-Cult-thUg believe the ancient Homo capensis is helping them, but instead the human-thUgs have committed the worst of all atrocities by murdering off their own species... it will result in their destroyed value-fulfillment and the calling for more cataclysms or just Nature wiping their unworthy Cult asses' off of the loving Earth. (Well, something like that.)

Homo capensis really does exist

Brien Foerster Paracas Museum spokesman
A Homo capensis skull was found at one of the ancient copper mines in a Michigan ancient pit

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JamesRoss 11 months ago  

Karen Hudes is a Judas Goat that serves the Mystery School Cult. Her choice of secret-society is unknown by me. A goat needs to build up a reputation amoungst the sheep in order to lead a following. She spoke the truth about Homo capensis... the alien agenda is a smoke-screen for their real, present day hives deep within the Earth's crust:

The Seth-Books expose that Homo sapiens are cousins to the Lumanians, but Lloyd Pye was given a "starchild skull" as a way to stop him from concentrating on humanity's spliced genetics... our number of chromosomes were altered from other Earthling hominids like Neanderthals and Homo erectus in order to allow the Lumanians to interbreed with our Homo sapiens women in order to conduct an experiment to revitalize their own genetics.
Truth is stranger than you can imagine, I bet...

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JamesRoss 3 months ago
I created this resetdisk example for Karen to get her followers to make
dvd's and hand them out exposing the corruption within politics.
The files make the dvd auto-load a browser on your PC.

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john844 11 months ago

Oh please, Karen Hudes is jewish and she knows very well that jews control everything that is evil in the world today such as the propaganda legacy medai, social media platforms that censor the truth, the criminal central bankers, the satanic music industry, the porno industry, big pharma, the CDC, the FDA, etc. How dare she attack and project jewish crimes on the Catholic Church. jews have been projecting their crimes on Muslims for years (911 is the worst example, everyone knows that was a mossad operation). now they are going after the Catholic Church. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise from the synagogue of satan. Jesus warns us about the jews in Revelation 2:9 andn 3:9 and in John 8:44 Jesus teaches us that the jews are like their father the devil who lie and murder. Jesus wasn't a jew by the way, and when you read about Israel in the bible it's not the same as the satanic terrorist state of Israel that was created by the Rothschild Balfour Declaration. Israel became a terrorist state when they attacked the USS Liberty (unprovoked) and murdered 34 and wounded almost 200 of our military. So anyone dumb enough to believe all of these jewish grifters blaming everything on Jesuits and the Vatican are just being deceived by the synagogue of satan.

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obo12 6 months ago

It’s shocking to me that someone can go this far down the rabbit hole and still have such a glaring blindspot. You’re going to sit here with a straight face and say the Vatican and the jesuits are on the up and up? When you’re done diddling toddlers - consider actually waking up.

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