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Karen Hudes WORLD BANK Insider reveals who`s behind the Vatican

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Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Another Interview:

Karen Hudes changed her mode after the fake covid hit. She now hints at a "New Dawn" talking about her favourite song is "Oh what a Beautiful Morning."
The Dawn of the New Age is where the Mystery School Cult rebuilds it's "Great Work" the "Tower-Of-Babel"
The Tower-Of-Babel is the 1) Microwave control-grid; 2) a brainchipped population; 3) An Artificial Intelligent Supercomputer which will control the entire world. This is Hudes' gloating of a "Beautiful Morning." She is a Judas Goat convincing the unsworn sheep to be easily herded to their slaughter-houses, so to speak.
All sworn-Cult-thUg believe the ancient Homo capensis is helping them, but instead the human-thUgs have committed the worst of all atrocities by murdering off their own species... it will result in their destroyed value-fulfillment and the calling for more cataclysms or just Nature wiping their unworthy Cult asses' off of the loving Earth. (Well, something like that.)

Homo capensis really does exist

Brien Foerster Paracas Museum spokesman
A Homo capensis skull was found at one of the ancient copper mines in a Michigan ancient pit

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