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Ancient Reincarnational Civilizations: Seth Speaks - Chapter 15 -1of2; In Particular, Homo capensis, (the Lumanians) Mystery-School-Cult thUgs (Freemasonry is sheepdogism serving capensis) T

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Published on 30 May 2021 / In People and Blogs

Part two:
You have come here to learn... Sheepdogism is Masonic... You murderous thUgs need to walk away from servitude to the ancient Homo capensis in order to gain your souls of vitality. Yes, you can walk away from servitude to the Satan-race of ancient hate.
There will be no true uploading of the mind into A.I... it is a trick/lie of the Ancients to extinct our species. If we cannot stop the traitors, the ancient thUgs will succeed. Do you see how the game works? The Freemasons and other secret-societies are naive and trust the Remnant-Lumanian thUgs are telling the truth to them about soul-transfer using A.I. Homo sapiens were spliced into existence to revitalize capensis genetics where we get fcked out of existence, literally. That experiment failed and now we are ready to spiritually expand... hence the lies and the fake brainchip-upload story was needed to impede human minds. This is also why Manly P. Hall was impeded then murdered by his own Cult... he was encouraging and teaching spiritual expansion... well, thank-you Manly for trying... it is happening no matter what they do, now. Just read and apply the Seth-Books, I sure Hall read them many times.

You didn't realize you live in such an interesting universe... You are a multidimensional being and your physical senses are beautiful liars to make things simple for you until your mind develops the needed sophistication in order to spiritually expand. The Remnant-Lumanian-thUgtopians plan to hinder Homo sapiens from this expansion via brainchip impedance like they have done for millions of years. Those Mystery School Cult minion who desire to become murderous-thUgs are allowed to, by God, because All-That-Is will not take away anyone's free-will. This is why your planet Earth is being turned into a battle-grounds rather than a loving world for soul-growth. You must awaken to your internal point of power within the present moment. Time is an illusion to slow things down for all new soul-fragments.

The Remnant-Lumanians are Homo capensis:

Phillip Schneider found them deep underground as a hivemind-collective working with the Freemasonic Cult of human traitors (to their own species): Apparently, the crews of this DUMB dig was an elimination/retirement job. These were all workers who were not part of the Cult-sworn. They were all gathered together on one job and all send down by the thUgs working up top. The unsworn-workers knew too much... they had to follow orders and go down to battle against the high-tech Remnant-Lumanian thUgs. Phil managed to kill two of the ancients, he says, and I believe he was truthful and accurate. He was protecting the freedom that the US Constitution represents and defied the thUgs to inform you of the treacherous Freemasons who sold out to Remnant-Lumanian or Homo capensis lies. The sell out their own species, which obviously makes the Satan-race laugh within their hivemind separate from the Freemason, human-hivemind-slaves.
This is a very interesting world that you got yourself into... didn't you know?

Brien Foerster exposes the ancient world-wide civilization of Homo capensis who wanted to try raising a family and tribe of their own... Paracas, Peru was the location of one of those tribes:

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