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Lloyd Pye - Genetic Intervention -2005

JamesRoss - 846 Views
Published on 25 Apr 2021 / In Pets and Animals

Lloyd Pye Lives On in his Main Probable World!!! But not this one... so do not be afraid of murderous thUgs as they destroy themselves. Stand up for what you believe in or be led to what the thUgs desire for you.

Learn you psychological Point of Power within the Present taught by the Seth-Books.
And leave the masonic and Mystery School thUgs to their next sinking of Atlantis. They will do it to themselves, just don't follow them there, take control.

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JamesRoss 5 months ago  

The people that Pye was up against trying to expose the lies were the highly organized monoploy of Freemasonry and the rest of the secret-societies.
Pye likely knew that if he began to directly expose the Freemasons as the back-stabbers of the non-Cult-sworn people they would "hinder" him. William Cooper called the non-Cult people "the sheeple" while the Cult-minions themselves called us "the profane" because we who knew nothing useful about the past and we're brainwashed by historic-falsehoods. Pye was beginning to realize this so he was back-stabbed by Freemasonry, like so many others are back-stabbed as they realize the lies. "New Atlantis" the "Fiery Phoenix" on many flags and now tattoos... is the NWO where murderous-thUgs and tainted-souls conspire to genocide their non-Cult-sworn, more-loving brothers and sister into torturous deaths. Monsters like to see others suffer and die it seems. Homo capensis have twisted their minds into those of monsters... methodical-monsters who have time on their side by living extremely long lives.

The 13 bloodlines that Fritz Springmeier exposed would be successful interbreedings of one of the devils with a homo sapiens woman.

The Bush family are 322, skull and bones, the death cult... They are all tainted by Homo capensis ideology of "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" written in stone upon the Washington Arch... through which many thUgs sat and watched the WTC implode with planted explosives... killing the "profane" in that NWO attack.

You see, the Mystery School Cult's World War did not end upon the end of stage-one(WW1) outlined by the faker Albert Pike. Pike was just a frontman for their ancient-masters of Freemasonry. Homo capensis are ancient genetically altered thUgs who rule over Homo sapiens through the Mystery School Cult... mostly Freemasons.
Freemasons asked me to join their Cult when I was 15... After their first meeting, I thought they were a deceptive cult and never returned. The main job of a Freemason is to follow orders as sheepdogs following the whistle commands of the ancient Homo capensis. The secret ultimate goal of Homo capensis is to extinct Homo sapiens and prove themselves as the masters... never to be replaced. This means they will kill off all of biological life off of Earth before they themselves die-out. Using lies, they have tricked followers to serve the devil rather than lovingly develop their own soul-fragments into a new intuitive race of spiritually-evolved beings under the grace of our Creator-God that Homo capensis apparently hates.

Homo capensis has so severely tainted their own genetics with A.i. away from the Creator-God's blueprint that their species cannot mature and spiritually evolve into a greater form of being. Homo sapiens still have the ability to mature and that is where our species is right now.

The brainchip is designed to interfer with psychic and spiritual development, so the Tower-Of-Babel and the A.i. supercomputer is being used to help Homo capensis to extinct our species before we spiritually evolve beyond their murderous influence.

The Sethbooks are a gift from All-That-Is to help Homo sapiens spiritually expand into a greater being of understanding reality. You should read the series rather than just listen to the audio books: Start with "Seth Speaks" and Jane's "The Seth Material" then read the series in their original sequence of publication in order to keep the new concepts presented more understandable.

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Pye was beginning to understand that society is run by the secret-society Cult... the Mystery School from ancient Babylonia and beyond.
The same Cult gave the Atlanteans their technology, too, just like the Freemasons and Rosicrucians today. This Mystery School Cult was orchestrated by the ancient Homo capensis species that still hides amoungst humans today. They see themselves as the true mankind, but they are genetically almost dead.

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