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Karen Hudes Discloses Pre-IceAge Homo capensis Extincting Humanity

JamesRoss - 873 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In People and Blogs

Karen's first whistle-blowing about Homo capensis:

There are no extraterrestrial aliens from Pleiadies nor Orion nor Sirius that the secret-societies brainwash into the heads of the unsworn-sheep.

There are flying saucers but they are the ships from the ancient, Homo capensis civilization that ruled Earth fully before the Velikovsky Cataclysms and the capture of the Saturnic Solar-System which began the cataclysms.

Actually Karen Hudes is a secret Judas Goat who's job is to gain a following and then pretend the monetary system will be reset for the betterment of the unsworn tax-paying working-class. Hudes is enforcement-class and those type take pride in bamboozling the sheep and herding them using psychology.

The best thing she has done is expose the ancient species who secretly rules everything, called Homo capensis. Their main civilization died-out only to leave the self-righteous Remnant-Lumanians behind to try to destroy Homo sapiens.

The Paracas skull collection by Brien Foerster are skulls left after the last cataclysm survivors. That no academically-employed, government-payed thUg bothers to study for public education of the unsworn working-class.

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