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TURNING POINT for HUMANITY Is Coming! Urgent Message YOU NEED To Hear! | Gregg Braden

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 08 Apr 2024 / In Spiritual

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Gregg Braden is a renowned author, speaker, and pioneer at the intersection of science, spirituality, and human potential. Born on June 28, 1954, in the United States, Braden has dedicated his career to studying the fusion of ancient wisdom with modern science, offering deep insights into consciousness, healing, and the complex web of life.

With a background in computer science and geology, Braden embarked on a journey to decode the spiritual and mystical elements found in various global traditions. His extensive research focuses on the significant impact of beliefs, emotions, and the mind on our reality and health. His key research topics include heart coherence, the scientific investigation of miracles, and knowledge within indigenous cultures.

Famous for his best-selling books like "The Divine Matrix," "The Isaiah Effect," and "The God Code," Braden has broken language barriers, reaching a worldwide audience and gaining a loyal following. His work has been featured in books, documentaries, and TV shows, broadening the influence of his profound ideas.

Gregg Braden captivates audiences around the globe with his engaging lectures, workshops, and writings, inspiring people to discover their inner potential and highlighting the deep connections that link all humans. His work acts as a driving force for a greater understanding of the human journey and emphasizes the transformative impact of conscious living.

Please enjoy my conversation with Gregg Braden.

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