Community Guidelines


A. Nudity or Sexual Content – We have a strict, no nudity policy. We report crimes to law enforcement.
B. Hateful Content – Hate content is not allowed. We know it when we see it, and we will remove it along with taking any other action deemed appropriate.
C. Violent Content – Content that encourages violence is not allowed.
D. Harassment and/or Cyber Bullying – Not tolerated. Strict enforcement.
E. Spam, Misleading Metadata, scams, unauthorized advertising, data collection link outs, or unauthorized lead generation is not allowed.
F. Threats – UGETube is not to be utilized as a platform for conducting predatory behavior including threats, intimidation, bullying, violence, assault, or danger to yourself in or others in any way.
G. Copyrighted Materials – you may upload only your own copyrighted content or if owned by others, you must have specific written authorization.
H. Child Endangerment – nothing that would compromise the safety of a child is allowed on UGETube including disclosures of personally identifying information of minors.
I. Miscellaneous – Grossly offensive or content that contains visuals which sole purpose is to “shock” or “disturb” may be removed. We do not encourage vulgar language. Users must be 13 years of age or older, if in the United States.
J. Report violations or inappropriate content by utilizing the “report” feature or emailing [email protected]. Please report content violations including legal complaints, copyright issues, abusive users, policy violations, privacy violations, age restriction violations, and any other concerning issues.
K. UGETube reserves the right to terminate, or otherwise limit account access at its sole discretion.