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Masonic concept of 3 and 4 Exposed Along with Cannibalism to Hide (wireless bio-robot technology is secret)

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Published on 15 Nov 2021 / In People and Blogs

You need to expect brainchip bio-robots in the future as zombies so you are not tricked by technology in the hands of monsters... Mystery School Cult monsters rising a fake-Utopia: "New Atlantis":

Video Source: (jump to 102/117 minutes)

Sorry about the auto-mute, not my laptop, but you can easily find the where you are being predicatively programmed to think starvation will turn you into a cannibal... No it will not... but a bio-robot will bite you and rip flesh because murderous Freemasons are wirelessly in control.
This type of programming has been going on for a long time by the Cult in Hollywood... and the Cult in the CDC:

Pharaonic Lion Symbolism:

Dr. Rauni Kilde(RIP) exposed that the A.I. bio-robot Rambo-chip was in use during the Vietnam War:

Bus 1170:

Brainchip Bio-Robot Dancing Toddler:

Jeff Rense was synthetically channelled to murder his own body, but he refused to fall prey to Freemasonic technology:

Get a scanner to detect sleeper brainchip bio-robots:

You need a scanner to Identify the Cult-thUgs following genocidal orders from their A.I. fake-god and also to detect sleeper agents:

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Jewely7777 2 months ago

Interesting to note that Dr. Liked was murdered by Directed Energy Weapons.

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randalin 2 months ago

No audio at 10 minutes in....

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