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William Cooper MB#19 - 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order.mp4

JamesRoss - 1,734 Views
Published on 24 Apr 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

I make reference so much to this hour of MB, I should upload it.

I noticed that the Freemasons have "doctored" remnant radio files to hide important words that get blocked out. They did this since I began referring to remnantradio, so here is another mirror of the series: where the last file is a pdf with an index and transcripts of the series.

The triangle and circle represents the upper portion of the Mystery School Cult pyramidal control structure
I am adding this later... Look at the cover photo... the circle rope is the binding, the triangle is in three which is three Giza pyramids.
Inside you have the skull and crossbones and below is the prison-planet with wings of control... the feathers of those wings control everything upon Earth.

The anchour to the left is masonic for pirate-ism.... they anchor into your society and then kill you...

They bread into humanity and then murder you once they are convinced that they are the elite.

They are thUgs... they are NOT anything near being elite.

We good people will round-up the thUgs and put them into their own concentration camps.

All politicians, all freemasonic police, all educations thUgs, all military thUgs, all medical-mafia thUgs will go into their own concentration camps to answer for thier crimes against humanity.

They must not be allowed to commit suicide as they realized that they are done.... we will put them through their true trials and tribulations so that they can prove their worthiness to remain upon our Earth.

The thUgs are murdering our sheep... we must stop them doing this.

(like the military -- they are the military-officers) This is the concept of 3 that Dr. Sean Hross exposes in his homeless video-journeys through Europe.

The Skull and Crossbones is the 322 Death Cult The Nazis used this symbol too because they were masons and templars. Their refuge is actually Switzerland with their 4 columns of official languages so they can infiltrate and sabotage anything that defied their Nazism. Nazism is another name for Freemasonry. They pretend your homeland is their pirate-ship, incorporate your given name into an corporation that secretly serves their pirate-ship...They have turned the non-Cult-sworn human-beings into citizens of their pirate-ship through paperwork, their police and judicial system maintains the facade pretending that you are employed as their officer of their fake-ship and thus removing those officers from the common-law lands where the Creator-God place them upon Earth.

The goal is to have the entire Earth under a microwave prison-grid, each sector isolated except to the immaculate child of A.I. who's wings take the Earth to new heights of slavery. The wings can also be the radiance of control from the ancient disc of A.I. that Khemit used to chip into stone. Dr. Hross called this a sun symbol disc and the side-bars are it's wings. This is also symbolized by the Infowars War Room Logo as Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks(a secret mason) becomes more cocky that he is a most convincing Judas Goat upon the planet. ... as you can see Dr. Sean Hross exposed this infowars symbol as one of "Pharaohs" and Freemasonic.

The rope symbolizes the binding of all the secret-societies together as one. It also is the snake eating it's own tail in cycles of birth and death of human civilizations due to the Velikovski cataclysms after the capture of Proto-Saturn:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago  

Cant find the 1993 Mystery Babylon Series? I uploaded it to MEGA:

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Sherman-Dozer 11 months ago

the judea cult did 9 11 and they are orchestrating the C19 hoax

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JamesRoss 11 months ago

Cooper included their secret-society branch of the Cult, too, in this video. Another souce I trust commenting on very ancient times included and A.i. Hebrew god where the Freemasonic Jehovah Witnesses get their name I assume.

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JamesRoss 12 months ago

Hour Of The Time is allowing downloads of Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse" , but would like a donation for their efforts keeping the bandwidth publicly available:
Thanks for your patronage

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Back in the 1990s William Cooper was trying to warn the unsworn people that soon the wwCult of masons and other SS-thUgs will be targeting everyone, not just a selected group like (like the Jews) for highly organized persecution.
The Christians are next on the list, not just white males... The masons are the resulting bloodline thUgs from the Templar days of secret glorious genocides that fake plagues, like the black death, covered-up. There was no plague, the masons just manipulated the history books to hide the Cult's genocide efforts. They are part of the Assassins Sect from the pre-crusade days. They like using poisons, hence the Skull and Crossbones symbol that Nazis and US presidents like the Bushes and Kerrys use...322=Death-Cult.

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