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The Pharaoh Show- by Dr. Sean Hross in 2007 Land of the Swissy-Templars

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Published on 27 Jan 2021 / In Travel and Events

The Pharaoh Show- by Dr. Sean Hross (the Switzerland/Cult-banned, Traveling Historian)

Dr. Sean Hross posted on YouTube and tried to warn some countries of coming terrorist attacks... the Cult in Templar-land captured and O2T (oxygen deprivation) tortured Hross in a sealed prison cell for 5 months.

Dr. Hross was fortunate that they did not covertly brainchip him also. Once brainchipped covertly by the wwCult, the body can be turned into a bio-robot.
Like poor, little, toddler-bio-robot Zhang:
Poor Vincent Li never got through figuring out the "voice of god" weapon:

What the techno-thUgs could have done to Hross was grind his teeth down to an uncomfortable overbite and then implant his jaw sockets to swell them and stop him from chewing his food (using the brainchip interface to conduct the surgeries).
The Cult also has portable cornea lasers that can cause one eye to become near-sighted and the other to be far-sighted. The brainchip interfaces with the laser devise. Many dentist and optometrists are in the wwCult for the reason of making money off of the unsworn with strange eye and teeth problems that they covertly create for increasing the number of paying clients. They obviously attack the insured or well to do unsworns.

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