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Dr. Rauni Kilde Interview about brain-chip rambo-chip NWO and Medical Mafia

JamesRoss - 1,768 Views
Published on 11 Dec 2020 / In Technology

Dr. Kilde was right, we only die with old age as the Creator-God keeps our conciousness in tune with many surviving probable-worlds. All-That-Is teaches us that our perception presents life as a single time-line when we are actually multidimensional beyond time. She wrote a book called" We Do Not Die" Only other people die until we pack-it-in for ourselves. Dr. Kilde died, but you see, you did not die and she lived on in some other probable world where she did not desire to die so early. This is how the Creator-God gives everyone a full life... nobody who does not commit suicide is cut-off from the probabilities within the massively super-complex multiverse that we all live to old age within.
The murderous wwCult (like Freemasons) on the other hand change their souls into individual and wicked decay. A collective of murderous thUgs like the Mystery School Cult will branch-off into a probable world sector of the multiverse where they will be allowed their chosen self-annihilation. Physical reality is a training grounds where many collective idiots need to learn their lessons. The "dumb-sheep" will not be terminated within their own collective probable world... they are not murderous thUgs, so they do not have to experience a self-annihilation like the old Atlanteans experienced. The "New Atlanteans" have not learned how to behave yet and thus they will need to experiences the repercussions of genociding their own species away. They will be annihilated along with their ancient masters and this is good because they will learn the Creator-God is physically within them, giving them their probabilities. It is sad and yet it is good that the training grounds is almost perfectly designed to teach the spiritual-morons (like treacherous and murderous and conspiratorial thUgs) that all life is precious, not just their own lives or their Cult's wishes.
The Cult-thUgs have yet to learn that when the Cult dries-up and blows away, the only things left in their lives are thUgs. Unloving, self-righteous, backstabbing, fragmented souls that get packed away into a kind of spiritual black-box to fester amoungst themselves and be forgotten in their various, decaying states of mind.
This is the path of the Freemasons who try to murder other people, but don't stop to think why they cannot murder just one simple guy.
I offered the thUgs the to choose between a good universe and their wicked-world... they have all chosen to find Oblivion's tall Gates. There is no "Hell" on the other side, but in their minds their likely should be and thus could be. But the unworthy soul-fragments will be offered to be assimilated back into their Source as a failed soul attempt that gave-up seeking it's own path in exchange for a deceptive, fake-path of the Homo capensis Cult and thus lost all hope for growing it's true love into some more than what it was originally given from it's loving Source. A good example is what I see Castro doing here: His path is towards Oblivion's Gates.

Rauni Kilde ended up in a hospital where she was surrounded by the Medical-Mafia who run every hospital. She died in her home

Rauni auto-wrote her book "There is No Death", "Kuolemaa ei ole"... This fits into the Seth-Books description about our version of physical reality. But in this interview she seems to have been heavily infulenced by the Mystery School Cult... The Cult tried drivng their beliefs into Jane Roberts psychic classes, but Seth was able to remove most Cult influences out of the Seth-Book and that is why they are suppressed... like Rauni, but Rauni was mislead to believe in aliens beyond Homo capensis.

Wiki (like always) associates Kilde with aliens and fronts like the Bilderbergs when the instigator behind the fronts are the Knights Templar and Freemasons guided by the Homo capensis species that run the Vatican and all banking today. The ancient thUgs are rather long-lived due to ancient A.I. designed genetic engineering. It takes a critical-thinking mind to see through all the facades and those are usually culled before they can expose the basis of the wwCult. You must take it upon your own shoulders to correct your personalized world within the multiverse. You need to see through the probable worlds since you are made immortal due to the Creator-Gods' design of the multidimensional universe or multiverse. (read the Seth-Books to learn more )

Hospitals are always places of death because the medical-mafia assassins feel safe to "conduct business" there. Hospitals come from the ancient order of the Knights Hospitaliers(serving Homo capensis) who got started along with the Knights Templars(first international bankers serving Homo capensis).

Find a private doctor who is not sworn to the wwCult if you want to heal properly. The last time I spent a night in the hospital after an accident, I had a new broken rib in the morning that I didn't have the night before. The medical-mafia have energy beams which keep you unconscious even if they amputate anything without anaesthesia. No lingering drugs after the energy beam is release... It is likely used by thUg-date-rapes, too. (no signs of being drugged)

Nano-surveillance uses a technology called "Celdar." It is a cellular radar vision that can interface with the hivemind brainchip within the rebuilt electronic Tower-Of-Babel. I will have to post Dr. Barrie Trower's exposure of "Celdar" on Ugetube. next

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Sparkitus 1 year ago

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars courtesy of the Bilderbergs 1954.

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Sparkitus 1 year ago

CIA is 2-300 years ahead because they are using tech from previous Tartarian civilization.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Tartarina? Seth-Books call the ancients the "Lumanians"

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Hey SKC the information I posted here for making your own CD has been deleted by someone so I will post it again for whoever wants it...

The CDs that I was pumping out used a go.exe and an index.html plus another file. The CD is uploaded here:
Now, that I’m thinking about it, I tried to help whistle blower karen hudes by showing her how to made her own cd... so the files can be downloaded from there if it didn’t get wiped. Hey, how about that, I have all the parts and pieces for you to make your own disks. Just don’t use my copyrighted example i was giving away. Those were CDs, but it should work for DVDs too. I even managed to embed a video frame set to autoplay once the disk door is closed... you likely my want to do that. I can’t recall how I did it 17 years ago. Some special html coding.

I see you like this site, the way you did up your page here. This site is awesome. Everywhere... everywhere... i'm shadowbanned or deleted. Even the deleted my comments explaining how the brainchip did exactly what happened... they deleted the audio on that page... changed everything to stop me from commenting again... they turned off comments, they will say to anyone. No, they have thUgs amoungst them, or sold-out to the Cult’s pressure. So many people willing to cover-up just what thUgtopia is rising.
Jeff Rense was heterodyned into the ditch, but survived. The heterodyning thUg then brought rense to consciousness to say he did not want the surgery to save his life and then used the chip to knock him unconscious again. He is alive for a reason and I’ve tried contacting him to understand his situation more. Here is the audio that used to be in his article linked above.

All the atrocities that are happening on Earth compared to how things were say 40 years ago. Most of the “nutjobs” are mind-controlled by the thUg-network. William Cooper said mostly the masons were behind all the wars and revolutions and massacres... they have their hand in it all, he said, but his was killed a few weeks of 9/11 demolition of the WTC.

The Cult masters likely shivers when they see how much knowledge that I have pulled out of their thUggery and arrogance. You see, they have a problem... they haven’t been able to murder me like they did my dad. My dad was one of them and he didn’t tell me anything that should have him murdered by his own. I guess my dad saved himself by refusing to be a minion thUg like all the rest. I watch him tortured by invisible forces back in the 70’s. They used him as their guinea pig I gather now that I understand what these thUgs like to do. They are such pathetic human beings, hateful and self-righteously greedy to rule the Earth.

Discovering William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon Radio Series verified that it were the masons up to no-good. Haa they are the wicked along with all the other secret-societies. This broadcast exposes how all the thUgs work together and what their goal is... to take over Old Atlantis lands and rise a New Atlantis, but they have all collectively tainted their goal. Their motto is “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” which they stupidly sing into each other’s ears or into their hivemind ears. They are spiritual morons and i am not trying to insult them, they just are with their silly magic circles and hocus pocus. They think they are destine to rule the universe and they don’t even know what the universe is. Maybe their ancient thUg-masters do, but the ancients are setting them up to slit their own throats. A just reward for selling out their own species and I’m sure the ancient thUgs that Karen Hudes whistle blew into the public record would have no issues backstabbing all of them. And I can already see the backstabbing awaiting the traitors.

As for the unsworn, we have had our head in the sand way to long and our species is ripe to take control of our native Earth... away from that ancient, satan-race ofa thUgs.

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SKC Juke Box Frequencies*

I gotta look into her shes so spot on and her focus and priorities are on spot with what shes trying to squeeze into this interview. Very informative and confirms a lot.

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