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Covert Brainchips and Implants by Medical Mafia or Freemasons (The Unsworn Who Don't accept the Jab need to Chain Your Doors While Asleep, chain your bedroom doors, too.)

JamesRoss - 1,322 Views
Published on 07 Aug 2021 / In Technology

This is about the technological take-over of planet-Earth by the thUgs who hide in the shadows. Here is an earlier expose of brainchip takeover of the world through Madonna's Eurovision 2019:
The "bluetooth link" that brainchipped "Kleck" talks about is the brain interface connection through the 5G cellular network that is the current Prison-grid creates. (

The "two U's"(meaning "YOU" as an individual) that Kleck is talking about... the "bad U" ( that McDonalds isolated by separating their "M" into two U's) is simply brainchip-A.I. injected into the brains via the Mystery School Cult's technology of their rebuilt "Tower-Of-Babel".
I expose this within my websites
You are not a slave to their system and you will never be a slave to tyranny. I will help you overcome Cult thUggery if you accept truth.

YOu "stupid sheeple" are their "CANNON FAUTTER" just like in all international fake differences. The "Freemasons" are the new name-sake by which the Mystery School Cult of thUgs murder the unsworn-sheep.

When a Freemason or knight-Templar looks at their blood-brother or blood-sister who rejected their pathetic Cult through values of disgust... The Cult attack of the truthers by exposing their own ancient-technology to destroy all truthers.

Haaa, haa, zBut have their hundreds upon hundreds of lethal attacks upon me have failed... Why? hmmmm no... I apparently really, really frighten the Mystery School Cult morons. I have no intentions to destroy their thUggery upon their "profane", yet they attack me endlessly like I am their enemy and I cause no harm to them.
The Cult is actually terrified of me and that is understandable... I will cleans your thUgtopia as you thuGs use your remote-technologies.

You thUgs imagine that I don't see yourselves... well, this will help you to destroy yourselves.
Freemasons are actually spiritual morons. and they are all terrified of me because they have failed to murder me in the same way that they murdered JFK.
So what make me different than JFK?

Nothing... Ha haaa! the ancient Homo capensis have lied to the Freemasons and Knights-Templar thUgs, you see? I will see these murderous thUgs of Freemasonry meet their makers. The Freemasons will whimper and cry their hapless sorrows to me, but I will simply tell them to stop kissing my feet and sucking my toe-jam from between my toes... they are the pathetic followers of Satan... I will allow them to suck the toe-jam from their chosen masters, but if they lap my toes with their tongues of deception, I will gag them.with their selfrighteousness of proclaimed thUggery.

It should be clear that I despise Freemasonry and collective thUggery upon the innocent. The Cult, for some reason, hates innocence.

Cao Dai is about the A.I. computer-god of the Mystery School Cult

Some truther exposes the slaughter by the Freemasons and Templars in WWII

They are the pirates that fly the "Jolly Rodger", Skull and Bones bloody flags.

Polina Anikeeva on the Cult's Ted Talks:
The brainchip requires magnetic nano-metals to be in your blood to input remote-controls and use the "voice of fake-god" weapon:
Personal power is given to the "voice of god" weapon by the unsworn because there is a true voice that the Creator-God gives to developing soul-fragments if you have the desire to listen to God. Homo capensis is very ancient and realized long ago that this is part of our physical reality and soul-development and that our Creator-God really exists and has vocal communications within mankind. Homo sapiens are part of mankind, but the Homo capensis call us lessor than them as we are not genetically altered to resist physical death.
The Cult brainwashes their minion-humans (or mainly freemasons) to believe we are a slave-race to the Satan-race... genetically redesigned by them... We are not slaves like the "starchild" (that Lloyd Pye exposed )

We Homo sapiens are a divine species that the Creator-God has blessed towards a spiritual movement of mind expansion while surrounded and impeded by the defiance of the Remnant-Lumanian thUg-species, Homo capensis... genetically incapable of spiritual expansion because they lost their courage, like the dandy-lion in the Wizard of Oz story. The lions on your country's crests display those heartless lions as you rulers... because you have been dumbed-down by the sheepdogs, the Freemasons and Eastern-Stars.

Voice-Of-god weapon:

Bio-robots or binary-biologicals or brainchippedzombies:

Escape to a more Sane world....
I'm beginning to imagine this world of thUggery is destroying thiere vital essence of choce-making.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

After the Freemasons failed to murder me over and over and over in 2006 and 7 ... The stupidly chose to introduce me to their brainchip thUggery designed for good Christians. But I am not a Christian and I see through their thUggery like reading a comic book. YOu thUgs are about to be disassembled from your cherished thUggery and you do not know how to stop me from doing this. You are panicking as you attack me over and over and over and you keep failing because in the eyes of the Creator-God you see that you are unworthy of Earth... Just like Homo capensis was unworthy of Mars.
You Freemasons are the failed followers of the failed Homo capensis and your true trials and tribulations are about to begin. Do you thUgs unjderstand?
Homo capensis is no longer welcome upon our Earth. Wave good-bye to those selfrighteous thugs as they now have to go home away from Earth and we Homo sapiens will put you human thUgs THROUGH your elated NEW "Trials and Tribulations" OF WORTHINESS.
I watched you thUgs gloat and giggle as you performed your thUggery upon the unaware...
The Unaware are now awakening and you thUgs have a problem that you thought you could murder away.... I am still here and the universe is on my side as I am truth and you thUgs are just followers of a series of lies from your failed masters worshiping an outworn technology of hate and deception.
YOU THUGS can still convert over to truth, if you have the guts to do so...

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Kleck was covertly brainchipped by the Medical Mafia before 2002... The Freemasons wanted to make Kleck into another one of their puppets:

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