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Dr. Katherine Horton Brainchip, Gangstalking, Torture

JamesRoss - 2,189 Views
Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In People and Blogs

A non-Cult scientist, Dr. Katherine Horton, attended a group gathering that was exposing the wicked deeds of the Mystery School Cult as they practice to deceive the world of non-Cult tax-paying believers in the good of humanity.
Since 2020, the Cult-sworn thUgs genocide the non-Cult people whom they call "profane sheep."

Soon after that group gathering the thUg-Network decided to exterminate her participation within the Cult's CERN-Project and her ability to function within society...
Bad move for the thUgs because Katherine is another strong-willed fighter and mostly a critical thinker, except for falling for JG Karen Hudes for so long. But Hudes exposed the ancient species, Homo capensis, backstabbing humanity... which was a very important thing to do. It explains all the fake alien crap that the secret-society masons and Easter-Stars ram down the unsworn throats who gape with open jaws.

Australian exposer of gangstalking:

Homo sapiens are actually a naturally-good species, but our species is rather young and naive. The ancient race of Homo capensis knows this and hates that our species is set to replace their dead species... they had their chance to become Earth's loving caretaker, but look how they guide their Mystery School Cult of thUgs to rape the Earth and then blame the unsworn that we are to blame.
No... the ancient-thUg-race, Homo capensis, the Mystery School Cult of secret-societies to undermine our entire species. William Cooper's fantastic efforts to research the source of treachery and he discovered the Freemasons and then HOW ALL THE SECRET-SOCIETIES ARE CONNECTED and created the monumental Radio Series called Mystery Babylon: It is not designed just for Christian... it is for the unsworn-against-the-Cult-of-thUgs to realize just who they all are and what has to be done to save humanity from the psychological attacks instigated by Homo capensis or the living Paracus/Boskop thUgs that Philip Schneider had to shoot under Dulce, NM in 1979.

We unsworn need to honor the efforts of past heroes, but more-so we need to support the efforts of present day heroes like Dr. Katherine Horton who is exposing the hidden undermining of humanity by the network of thUgs.

Magnus Olsson began exposing the use of a brainchip covertly implanted into his skull in 2005: Most unsworn are devastated and isolated to the point where they suicide or are suicided/murdered. Olsson is still surviving.

Kat (aka Solaris BlueRaven) was covertly brainchipped and harassed since 2004: and is trying to survive the best she can as the gangstalkers play havoc with her belonging and her mind. She rather not talk about brainchips, but buy her books and see what they have done to her.

Jeff Rense is obviously brainchipped with an assassination attempt against his life in 2015 He is one of the rare survivors who described that "heterodyning" or remote-controlling of his body as he lay in the hospital bed. The techno-thUg at Central-command took control of his spoken voice while he was still becoming aware of things and gathering his sense ... His CC-handler got worried that Jeff was going to survive to talk about his experiences being crashed by heterodyning through a brainchip... Jeff has likely figured this out by now, but during this podcast he was being mis-directed by Tim. If you look at Rifat's websites, he is obviously Cult-sworn to bamboozle the unsworn. Tim Rifat seems like a dis-informationist who's job is to be Jeff's "friend" and lead Jeff away from realizing that he had been, indeed, covertly brainchipped. But the technology is hush-hush the unsworns who figure out the brainchip hivemind links all the secret-society members together via microwave towers is on the chopping block. But don't worry about death... the thUgs have been trying to murder my ass for 14 years now... and still counting... believe in your spiritual source... you will not die if you do not give-up, this is a secret-gift that the Creator-God gives every life within the multiverse. If you fight, then you will eventually succeed, if you give-up then you will lose... get it! Never give-up fighting for what you believe in. If what you believe in is truthful you will become unstoppable, if you are a faker (like the Freemasons and Mystery School thUgs) pretending that you will escape meeting your Creator-God maker via a brainchip fake mind-upload into A.i. then you will be well on your murderous path towards "Oblivion's Gate." Murderous thUgs who genocide their own species deserve to spend eternity within their fabled black cube of blissful nothingness. Christians need to critically re-evaluate their manipulated scriptures just like the fake scriptures of the mahommadidians or whatever they like to call themselves. Beliefs in falsehoods are designed by the Creator-God to be corrected. Followers of lies will need to learn the consequences of ignoring the true inner voice. Luciferians use brainchips to replace the true inner-voice with a lying inner voice from an A.i. supercomputer... That is their vehicle to oblivion's gate... will they open the door and enter, I hope not... but they will already be physically dead by this point it seems and the murderous personality will find it much harder to correct patterns outside the multidimensional physical playground for soul-growth by correcting their errors.

Dr. Robert Duncan is another JudasGoat(JG), but JGs tell the truth to gain a following and Duncan's job for the WWCult developing the brain-interface software was complete... so his Cult gave him JG duties as he pretends that his life is in danger when he is actually still serving to "rise the fiery phoenix" (that is code for bringing in A.I.control over the Earth... again). Here is a link to his first big exposure/whistle blowing... It has very real information in it and so it gives him great credibility in my eyes => BUT I don't believe a radio signal can be beamed into a human brain to remote-control that body... Duncan is a liar and hiding the need for a computer-brain-interface which communicates back to the Central-Command controlling(heterodyning) that human body. Thoughts and feelings can also be projected into that brainchipzombie without them knowing that they are fake thoughts and fake emotions.... In order to battle the brainchip one must know one-self much better than the average mind. But with a bit of work, this can be done, but it requires effort and critical thinking. All humans are capable of this task.... well, most!

The way to verify that you are indeed brainchipped is to have your head scanned with a working scanner like shown with Magnus Olsson:

The scanner needed should go beyond 4 GHz but they are becoming very hard to find and purchase, so get one quick...
Rather than shooting bio-robot brainchipped-zombies, they should be captured, scanned and have their brainchips removed because they are unsworn and just a victim of secret-society technology called "the hivemind."
Have fun... humanity is obviously not meant to be boring and it isn't if you dig deep into it. Charles Langenberg was suicided in fall of 2013 after I tried to contact his gangstalking hotline... he was obviously brainchipped and I was going to warn him that how they always knew where he was going to go shopping and what he was going to buy. He was a hero, too.

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pasha 2 months ago

Dr. Katherine Horton, I am praying for you In Yahushuah ben David's Holy Name. May Yahuah The Most High God Look Upon you and others with the same problem With Mercy, Love, Compassion. Love and Shalome. Have Faith Dr. Horton! Glory Halleluyah! Praise Yahuah.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 12 months ago

Did you ever hear about the Taliban that were told "THIS IS ALLAH!!!! PUT DOWN YOUR GUNS!!" Voice to skull tech.
And everyone KNOWS it's aluminum foil, but it has been CALLED tin foil since it WAS (great grandparents's days...

Tell Katherine to hang in there. Dress up as a baked potato for Halloween. Get a little break.

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JamesRoss 12 months ago

`Dr. Horton was last in Switzerland exposing something covert, but Switzerland is the land of Templars, their "refuge" according to Dr. Sean Hross. The magnetic beam weapons the Freemasons use is now nano-tech and goes right through steel and concrete. No foil will hinder celdar nor energy weapon attacks by Luciferian ancient tech. The body and brain need to be laced with magnetic nano-particles in order for the human tissue to become sensitive to the magnetic beams: The "celdar" surveillance was exposed by Dr. Barrie Trower and likely incorporates the magnetic nano-canons, too. The food and drink corporations provide any processed consumables laced with magnetic nano-particles and exchanged them where a targeted individual(TI) shops. Once asleep magnetic tech renders the TI unconscious... in sneaks the medical-Mafia who covertly implant a Goiym brainchip to monitor thoughts, character-assassinate, and use the TI as a sleeper bio-robot or brainchipzombie Open index.html to see this banned website. Thanks for the comments.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 12 months ago

She never mentioned PRAYING.
Intention experiments show it works.
Your FAITH in God's power can make it stop.

Why not turn the tables? Get a beam & aim it at THEM.
Go to YT & look for the videos - how to make a tin foil hat, How to make a cowboy foil hat, etc..

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 12 months ago

I hope she's still alive.

49 minutes into it before they even HINTED that it was Satanists, Satanic organizations. We know they steal, torture & kill & sell & abuse children. Estimated 12% of the total world population is said to be hard core Satan worshipers.
Look into the YT videos showing how to "Faraday Cage" your bedroom, your home, etc.
Ppl in California began to do it when the "Smart meters" were installed on their homes. They have no choice, the power companies won in court - "we don't care if it destroys your health, use the smart meters or go without electricity."
Some did, & got into trouble for it.
Meanwhile, these emps & microwaves go thorough their homes.

That's when I saw them using a special (what do you want to bet it's LEAD) paint (was black) & painting the walls normal over it to look ok. They said it was expensive.

Saw a channel from a man in Australia, he walked up to one of his GS in the grocery store & asked WHY do you do this??? Answer: "It pays well".

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

view a woman under attack by the Tower-Of-Babel covert technology:

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