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Fake Injection: Collapsing Needle Syringe is Only for Medical-Mafia Use on the Cult-Sworn... The Unsworn Always Get the Injections FOR REAL COVID-19=(C)SATAN'S (ovid)SHEEP (19)SLAUGHTER

JamesRoss - 1,853 Views
Published on 21 May 2021 / In Film and Animation

Who are the sheep, who are the thUgs?

Good job Prepper101! The sheep do what they are told to do:
The thUgs trick and deceive:
Secret-Societies rule the hospitals...rule Politics, police, education, military....blaa blaa... I said from the beginning of the scamdemic the Mystery School Cult minions will NOT be taking the vaccine and will fake it...

This is Cult equipment that need to be captured and shown how there is not even a point to the needle-tip... the needle tip is flat and is designed to push back up into the syringe casing. Medical Mafia tricks are nothing new

I gave a blood sample in 2007 after being targeted by the wwCult for assassination due to handing out 1000's of CDs exposing government corruption. As my blood filled the line towards the sample-bottle, a second collapsible, clear-hose hidden within the outer clear-hose contained a drug that pushed into the double layered needle. This needle released the drug that was inside the collapsible inner hose into my blood stream as the other hole in the tip of the needle passed the blood fluid-pressure from my vein over to the sample vile. By the time blood flowed into the vile the complete dose of secret drug completely emptied out of the collapsed inner tubing and into me. I was fortunate that all the Freemasons wanted to do at that time was character-assassinate me rather than assassinate me dead, so I though back then. I have, since back then, realized the multidimensional aspects of physical reality. You need to read the Seth-Books to understand what I mean by this:

These are the organized manufacture of medical tools of deception. The name "Medical-Mafia" is just a fluffy misdirection (just like calling treacherous Freemasons "globalists" which is Alex Jones' trick) to hide the original Mystery School Cult that Cooper exposed in 1993

Before I discovered Cooper, I had these Freemasons arranging my assassination starting in 2006 because of my warning CDs that I handed out exposing corruption in the NAFTA documents
I started making 1000s of these 911 CDs putting them everywhere thinking the info would spread like a a virus... Well the Freemasons discovered me doing this in 2006 and began arranging my sudden death. But guess what, surprise, we actually live in a multidimensional physical universe and every attempt to murder me failed for the last 15 years. Add that one to your medical books. The western-medical system is Cult rigged to kill the unsworn. Hospitals are where mostly Cult-sworn await for new victims. There are many good-hearted souls working in hospitals but beliefs are what cures the sick, not the drugs. The Cult knows this, but they hide this knowledge as Cult, sacred knowledge. Dr. Stephen Lanka is trying to show the lies and change the system... you see, their are some non-cult doctors: It is just very hard to change beliefs without a plandemic of massive deception. I realized this from handing out my CDs to "change and save the world", ha, ha, few beliefs changed from those efforts, but I discovered the crux of the world's problem... the secret, thUg-network came after me and exposed itself, but just to me. Now, the thUg-network is exposing itself to you, too. Time to wake up has finally come and replace the thUgtopian world with a more loving one.

We have been deceived as to "The Nature of Personal Reality". You cannot be murdered as you are a multidimensional being just like me. You will not die until you want to in old age or you just commit suicide. Suicide is your communication with God to shut down the probable-world system that you are within. A very sad choice to make because you came here to fix things. Every thing I am telling you is taught to you within the Seth-Books. Start with "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul"

The blackening souls of the Cult minions and genocide of the good-hearted souls will result in the choice of paths of the minion towards their self-annihilation. yes, yes, the thUg-network of minions have been pro-myst-ed a membership in the fabled "NEW ATLANTIS" (like cooper exposed, above) but those blackening souls of thUgtopia will be decaying and shrinking with their self-righteous greed when they should actually be growing with love instead. The thUgs have been tricked that there is no God and no repercussions for genocidal attacks against their own species. Their path is towards self-annihilation and the ancient masters who guide Freemasons know this, but hide their chosen fate from them. They call the Mystery School Cult brainwashing now "Secular Humanism"

The Cult preys upon the spiritual morons to give away their own free-will in fake contracts writen in their own blood to make it seem more binding. It is all fake, a Freemason thUg can have a change of faith, but lies do not work with the brainchip, neither with God.

The way to take the medical-mafia to the cleaners is to capture their assassination tools and these fake syringes (which apparently magic shops sell, I was informed). These thUgs are murderous, but God will keep you alive from your own perspective. You will just become more and more powerful as the thUgs thUgs murder you. You will not die... only other people die. God's design of this reality is truly amazing. If you see someone murdered, they do not die from their own perspective. God continues their life in an other probable-world and they won't even notice the death. Realizing this information is true rather than fantasy is part of the process of spiritually evolving. I read the Seth-Book before the Freemasons began organizing my assassination, so I have been an advanced contender against their highly organized thUggery.

So what I am saying is that when an assassin or thUg threatens your life. You will always survive, because God gives you a long life even if your friends see you die, you live onward to old age in another probable world (which appears to be where you left off where they killed you), so you will not notice ever dying because you didn't. God kicks in with infinite probabilities to allow you to survive if you want. This is a gift from God that is hidden from the physical senses and allows you to realize that this is truly a safe multidimensional reality that God has provided everyone, even the thUgs. The universe is actually a multiverse. And it is one of the secrets of the ancient Homo capensis who built the Giza Pyramid on the back of the USA debt-dollar.

This very knowledge is possibly why the mafia murders off family members rather than the guy who they want to keep silent, hey... I am giving you one of the biggest secrets of the Freemasons... we are essentially immortal in our own perspective of life because we live in a multidimensional universe.

There is a big rule... if you conspire to murder and the murder is attempted and that person dies by your collective hands, then all your souls begin to decay rather than grow with love. If the thUgs keep killing, then their souls shrink to pathetic-ness. They slide deeper and deeper into their own bottomless pit. It is also very difficult for them to develop their inner senses as the Seth-Books teach.

You see these cult thUgs are the "medical-mafia" that also covertly implant brain-interfaces to character-assassinate and monitor the thoughts of the "profane".
Their sworn enemy has always been the non-cult populations.
Dr. Sean Hross show who they are

It is likely that the brainchip zombie bio-robots will come out once the Cult is happy with injecting all the asleep people. Vincent Li was a brainchip bio-robot assassin controlled by the techno-thUgs through the cellular grid. Murder at a distance and they get to blame the brainchip zombies. I just watch a hideous game on youtube called The Chronicles of Riddick:Assult on Dark Athena. In this game the Cult-sworn used their brainchip heterodyning capability to remote control the disposable unsworn humans. The Cult is already doing this today with the remote controlling brainchip. The game is disgusting because the medical-mafia converting the humans in the game show the conversion outwardly, but the Freemason thUgs are doing this right now with a tiny brain implant that Polina exposes here:

Dr. Rauni Kilde exposes that the "Rambo brainchip" was used in the Vietnam War. That means Musk is a liar and a fraud.

God is in the process right now by the means of the probable-worlds separating the hateful, murderous, Freemasonic thUgs (they call themselves the "I, Pet Goats") from the loving, good-willed and good-intending unsworn people (whom the thUgs call "sheep"). I am amazed how God had this all figured out... and even tried to save the Freemasons' souls from oblivion by producing the Seth-Books to tell them "The Ends never justify the Means". While the Freemasons keep repeating in their brainwashed heads "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT". For the masonic-fragments who choose to perish in a life of hate and self-righteous greed, I say, how pathetic that they ignored their great-escape from thUggery.

But worry not, no fear, because we live in a multiverse where God keeps your consciousness jumping to another probable world if the thUgs try to kill you. I have survive 15 years of countless assassination attempts and that is impossible in a single time-line universe. We all live in a multiverse described in the Seth-Books

Have faith in your good-will and good-intentions for God will not let you die. The Seth-Books called God "All-That-Is" And your Oversoul is very real, too, and is your Source-Self that manages your seamless and undetectable probableworld-hopping.

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eeZee ~ goingb0nk3rs
eeZee ~ goingb0nk3rs 5 months ago

you can buy these in cheap magician trick shops etc...

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

Thy call this dividing the wheat from the chaff
separating the goats from the sheep
I told them not to slaughter the sheep
I think they are on their route to oblivion as a collective of thUgs.

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