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Brain and Mind Battlefield and Faraday Cage Covert Implants

JamesRoss - 172 Views
Published on 07 Dec 2022 / In How-to and Style

The motive is to burn down the Old-World.
Before the New World Order can take-over, the Old World must be removed.
Freemasons are the main culprits genociding the Old World people to bring forward their thUgtopia of New Atlanteans. Yes, they call themselves the "New" Atlanteans according to the research of William Cooper:

These Freemasons think like Alister Crowley: "Do As Thou Wilt Is The Order Of Their Day":

You may also notice the UN olive branches around the disk which is symbolic of the A.i. takeover of planet-Earth(if you didn't know) and that is why ICAACT never amounted to anything useful for any targeted individual:


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