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The Silicon Cold War Is Just Coverup For NWO Brainchips (By Freemasons with CCP Cult)

JamesRoss - 205 Views
Published on 28 Apr 2023 / In Technology

Freemasons are the Communists of Western Civilization. You need to understand that All secret societies serve the Luciferian NWO-Takeover.
A new brainchip-hivemind-army of human2.0 brainchiptraitors are selling out humanity as they covertly implant non-Cult-sworn people with similar magentic brainchip to force the NWO down everyone's throat.

The real cold war of WW3 are the brainchip-traitors which has the CCP running China acting as the NWO-flagship for the World-Governance takeover by A.i.Lucifer.

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For an even deeper understanding of why the secret societies would sell-out humanity to the NWO you need to realize that Homo capensis is another species genetically altered to live almost forever.
These capensis thUgs had created the Mystery School Cult of secret societies to serve their agenda to create secret society thUgs. Freemasons rebuilt another Tower-Of-Babel for the thUgtopian Empire or NWO where every human on the planet is required to be mind-controlled by a magnetic brainchip.

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