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Brainchipped Zombies Have Been Hidden For 50 Years... Now A Fake Zombie Disease Is Being Fabricated to Hide Covert Brainchips

JamesRoss - 227 Views
Published on 13 Mar 2023 / In Technology

Injecting the masses with real poisons does not change anyone's soul. It does not take away from their humanity whether they willingly were tricked into taking the clot-shot poison or if they were physically forced against their will. The false belief in the health benefits of vaccines is a Luciferians/Freemasonic trick concocted by the ancient devils to exterminate the dumbed-down sheople.

The big trick of the Luciferians is going to be convincing the dumbed-down sheople that an injection now are causing zombies... when in fact the microwave carry the electronic commands to bio-robot the brainchipped individuals.

In this interview, the Luciferian (Judas goat) Todd Callender convinces the "doctors" that "zombie blood" can pass with "prions" by biting an unvaccinated pureblood. Mad-Cow Disease is also fake. The trick is to convince sheople that a new form of Mad-Cow is now Mad-Human Disease when the Luciferians are using ancient technology redeveloped for a fake-pandemic or scamdemic. This is just a trick to hide a covert brainchipping of the target's body.

The decaying souls of the Luciferians conspiring with great lacking of integrity... are laughing that they will get to cull or genocide the dumbed-down sheople. What is happening in a bigger picture within the multidimensional universe is that the Creator-God is filtering out the wicked from the worthy, loving souls. The unworthy wicked will enter into the probable worlds where they actually kill-off the sheople before their own self-annihilation for the unworthy is experienced. The sheople are only play-actors within those probable worlds doomed by hate and self-righteous greed of the Freemasonic-Luciferians, you see. In order for the filtering of souls to be successful, the Luciferians need to believe in the ancient devils. Luciferians need to believe that they can sell their souls into wickedness and evilness. Don't worry sheople, this is just a trick to get the unworthy to show their true colors. You can begin expanding your soul into greater understanding by reading the Messenger-Sethbooks:

The CDC Zombie Preparedness 101 is also brainwashing to make the sheople believe in the fake disease. Luciferians microwave prison-grid communications to the brainchip implant remote-controls the human body after turning off the consciousness of that individual.

Have no fear, my dear souls of good-intentions... Your Creator-God will provide you with challenges to quickly develop your soul that is eager to expand into greater depth of critical thinking.


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