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Fake Zombie Apocalypse Via Covert-Implant (Unconsious) Bio-Robots

JamesRoss - 116 Views
Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In Technology

The Freemasonic-Luciferians hate me because I am spoiling their method to frighten the sheople into compliance with their up-coming, fake zombie apocalypse.

Medical-Mafia Freemasons have been covertly brainchipping a bio-robot army of sleeper, fake-zombies since 2003. The Luciferians will use the fear of zombies to frighten the sheople into compliance to their NWO technocracy demands.

All you have to do to stop the covertly-brainchipped bio-robotic "zombies" is to stop the microwave communications that are remote-controlling them. (or just remove the covert brainchip or Rambo-chip that Dr. Rauni Kilde exposed).
You got to use your critical thinking if you want to save your world from the monsters(Freemasons and their masters).

The Covid-19 fake-virus is not working the way the Luciferians planned so next they will be using the chaos of thousands of remote-controlled brainchipzombies. My was banned by the Freemasons but you can just open index.html from this download.

I was exposing this plan back since 2013.
I even exposed it to the Judas Goat organization called "Infowars" only to discover that Alex Jones or Bill Hicks is already implanted into the Freemasonic brainchip-hivemind of Luciferian minions who are destroying western civilization to bring in the NWO.
Infowars is controlled opposition that is hiding brainchipzombies.

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