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Signs of a Brainchip-Zombie Bio-Robot

JamesRoss - 235 Views
Published on 20 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

This guy was covertly brainchipped, guaranteed...
His pants are down, nobody does this willingly, so the Freemasonic-Luciferians at Brainchip-Central-Command are having some fun with their wireless bio-robot.
They can use him to assassinate, too.

This guy was actually unconscious while arching backwards in the video( Luciferians try to hide the brainchip-control by saying drugs can do this... the guy was solid as a rock doing a back-arch... drugs do not do that) and then they gave him back his consciousness via brainchip. The guy was all confused why he was falling to the floor and was trying to make sense of where he was.

That is how the high-tech-Luciferians treat people(high-tech-thugs = thUgs rising their fake-Utopia) and abuse their secret A.i. technology.
(The failing Luciferian-souls of humanity) They will be using this guy in the future as a brainchip-zombie biting people for a fake virus-zombie apocalypse... and eventually they will remote-control him to death if the sheople do not wake up to this secret, Freemason, wwCult technology and stop the microwave hivemind-army-of-thUgs. The pathetic Freemasons will need to be exposed for what they are... failing souls.

The Luciferians feel confident that the sheople will not see through the microwave controlled
Goto and open index.html for webpage.

All these crimes against humanity using their A.i. technology is coming back to bite them on their own asses as they decay their pathetic souls into a state of oblivion... they just do not realize the spiritual playground that our Creator-God has provided for them to show their true-colors. Freemasonic-thUgs who think they deserve the planet will not only die lonely, but they will destroy their own souls as unworthy pathetic beings given the opportunity to exist and lovingly grow more worthy within God's multidimensional creation.

Luciferians are offered a fake reward of A.i. immortality with a fake mind-upload into a fake singularity they are brainwashed by the ancient devils to believe in.
The ancient failed-mankind hate Nature and Homo sapiens basic loving nature. Freemasonic Luciferians are conditioned and brainwashed into becoming monsters just like the ancient, Homo capensis, twisted-souls that they all are. Luciferians are the failing souls of mankind and are joining the efforts of the failed-mankind to destroy Nature... it seems.

It should be obvious to Luciferians and Satanists that the Creator-God has a greater purpose for the physical reality than going "Ad Astra." How pathetic the secret societies have become... murderous and genocidal for nothing more than a lie about an outworn A.i. technology that will just be used to condemn their precious lives and their much more precious souls. To simply witness how pathetic the Luciferians have become against their own integrity is simply amazing. They deserve nothing and will ultimately receive less than nothing... They will destroy their own souls... The Creator-God will not punish anything so pathetic as an existence that destroys itself from existing. That choice is punishment enough for such monsters to eventually grasp. After death there will be little chance of a change in faith for such failed soul-fragments that refused to grow.

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