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Brainchip Zombies(sleepers) May already be in your Household; After Covid, Everyone needs a Scanner

JamesRoss - 2,881 Views
Published on 25 Mar 2021 / In Technology

It is obvious that the vaccines are just a smokescreens to get the non-Cult people sick to hide the technology that may already lurking in your home. Hostiptals are run by the Cult and I've detected 8 - 10 year-old brainchip-guided children five years ago being used as gangstalkers by the Freemasons or SS. The children don't even realize the difference of not having A.I. guiding their minds because they grew up with the A.I. talking to them in their A.I.-manufactured-dreams and while awake.

The Homo capensis purpose is to ultimately remove Homo sapiens off of our Earth through the corruption of the spirit. The Christians are the main target because they believe in the books and beliefs (other than Jesus) that the ancient geniuses fabricate. They think circles around the typical human, but we do live in a multidimensional universe where we can rise above the ancient thUgs and stop them. That is actually our challenge as a species... to stop ourselves from following wicked-orders to genocide ourselves into extinction. The Mystery School Cult are brainwashed from childhood to follow orders to their death or to suicide themselves into fake mind-uploads into A.I... All these Hollywood movies about the annihilation of humanity is public worship of their brainwashed beliefs.
Because this universe is multidimensional, they will be given their self-annihilation along with their ancient-masters, But at the same time the Creator-God has given the non-Cult people the inner power to chose not to follow them to self-destruction. You will need to expand your mind to include an understanding of the multiverse and the probabilities and the Cult will die out of your chosen path through the probabilities... this is all taught to you within the Seth-Books and that is why that gift from God is suppressed by Homo capensis, because they know that those books are true to the words. Homo capensis want to kill off God's creation as they kill off themselves, too. Hence the Freemasons are, 322, the death-Cult, they are all brainwashed to wipe-out humanity using ancient technology, while expecting salvation in the form of a mind-upload which is fake... very stupid and that makes Homo capensis roar with laughter throughout their private hivemind.

Inactivated sleeper-zombies can be sleeper-assassins, too. (see Bus1170, observer said, "He was like a robot with no emotions.") Brainchip zombie on Bus1170 following the voice of god weapon:

Scanner info:
Olsson's scan:
Homo capensis skull:
Dr. Rauni Kilde:
Dr. Wallace Thornhill:
Judas Goat Dr. Duncan:
Dr. Katherine Horton:

Zombie Preparedness 101:
Tower of Babel :
Stone Engineer Chris Dunn:
3 year old bio-robot:

I read that a stubby antenna is no good for scanning humans. A longer telescoping antenna is what works better. The type used in the Olsson scan.

The scanner can also be used to hunt down the thUgtopians or Medical Mafia who are covertly installing brainchips into anyone who resists the NWO's tyrannical behaviour. To save our specis begin resisting all thUggery because the end of their game is treachery from the ancient-thUgs. Extinction of our species in now the goal since the masons rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel. The hearts upon the windows and doors thanking the front-line is for the masons "great work" of human treachery. They are such spiritual- morons!

The human-minions are being tricked by the ancients thUgs with lies that their minds can be uploaded into the A.I., no soul can reside within such a physical object, not even a crickets mind can be contained within a computer. Al the A.I. computer can do is trick people that it can... Uploading means suicide. It is that simple.

The ancient-thUgs originally wanted to inbreed with Homo sapiens killing off all male humans. But the revitilization experiement fail and our women were infertile to their procreation. They lost their own women, only male Homo capensis exist now.

But low and behold, the masons and the rest of the Mystery School Cult has rebuilt their ancient A.I. supercomputer technology which will eventually rule the Earth again and extinct humanity if we do not stop it, now or soon. Homo capensis hates women for rejecting their sperm for fertilization. The only helped the masons and Switzerland's Templars in order to get our species to rebuilt the A.I. that can manipulate genetics. The Giza Power Plant died, so the ancient-thUgs are willing to help Humans until they can trick the minions and extinct our species. They find our species too volatile to make us their slaves for very long, even with brainchips installed.

The bible call their species "Satan". They likely wrote most of the bible in the first place... just like they wrote the quran for the newer religion of Islam. It is a strange world once you begin cutting throught the matrix of lies.

After an unsworn individual is covertly brainchipped he or she is automatically called a "Targeted Individual" (TI) who is in the process of becoming a "Perpetrator." Perps are the henchmen of the masons. They swear no oaths, they just agree to be one of the wicked in exchange for food and shelter. It is a sick system:

Poor Charles Langenberg was "VancouverWATI" and had no idea that a brainchip was inside his head communicating his thoughts back to Central-Command. He made a valiant attempt to expose the wickedness hiding within the USA.
Some local gangstalkers were once waiting for him to arrive in his regular grocery store for supplies back in 2010ish. The brainchipped gangstalkers already knew exactly what he wanted to buy because the brainchip converted his thoughts and plans into machine language and then sends that information back to his Central-Command handler, probably within homeland security by then. They are like the Nazi gestapo using high-tech. The gangstalker perps are under CC's control and were told to get to the store before Charles, and then, just before his hand could reach up for the last items left on the shelf... different gangstalkers were wirelessly commanded to take that item Charles was reaching for and to walk away, smirking. This is how the Cult uses the computer-brain-interface technology that Polina exposes to devastate the dumbed-down unsworns.

I hope this is enough to open your eyes to what the Cult is doing to civilization right in front of you... to help you prepared for and defy the designed, high-tech chaos that is coming after the fake pandemic and fake vaccines. All the truck attacks and car attacks are commited by the Cult's high-tech techno-thUgs hiding out in the CIA and Homeland. Homeland gave these thUgs a legitimate pay-stub if they even bother with paychecks. They likely just have a card and are told not to stand-out amoungst the unsworn, profane, placenta people.

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JamesRoss 11 months ago  

Here is another scanner review:

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JamesRoss 6 months ago

Longer Homo capensis video by Brien:

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NITEMOVES 8 months ago

Life comes from and created by God. I believe a lot of this stuff, I realize there are evil things going on, But God created everything. The demons love people thinking that God didnt create life. In the end, the lake of fire will be home for the demons. If you believe in Jesus Christ, then you will reside in Heaven. Thank you for sharing this. But dont forget God!

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JamesRoss 8 months ago

You don't know my channel, the Creator-God is actually acknowledged by higher level Luciferians like Freemasons and Eastern-Stars, but they turn their backs upon God and have now replaced God with the A.i. supercomputer that allowed the ancient, Homo capensis to survive the Velikovsky cataclysms. The Creator-God constantly maintains this physical reality for all to enjoy by experience. God allows wicked people to decay their souls away... if those wicked minds cannot stop their atrocities they wither away to insignificance. The way to grow the soul is through loving behavior, but the wicked have decided to genocide their own species out of self-righteous idealism and greed. That wicked-intent makes up shit-hearted pie and the collective brainchip hivemind forces all the brainchipped cult members to decide if they reject the genocide or to comply with it. This will split their worlds of probabilities into two directions... one goes to self-annihilation, the other towards survival. Many of the non-Cult people being genocided will have chosen not to resist the clot-shot and collectively die-out. Others will believe in armageton and a rapture and willingly die-out. But the ones who seek freedom from tyranny will be provided a probable-world where this happens... This last probable world is my path:

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cheeps 11 months ago

No sound. 11/10/21

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

If you have been covertly brainchipped by the masons'Medical Mafia, then a gun would be a very bad thing to have in your hands.
Anyone being heterodyned(remote controlled) as a Bio-robot can pull the trigger, too, at the wrong person... this is why a chip scanner is mandatory for all those who swear by the second amendment and want to practice it.

Remember that Boston guy who scratched on his rifle "This is my ELF weapon" meaning some signal was coming into his head to control the gun. He was likely being used to prep the unsworns, just like Madonna's ritual at Eurovision 2019 or Lady Gadfly "birthing a new race with horns on her face... a new Satan-race of thuGs to take over Homo capensis' control of the A.I.god after everyone else croaks. Scan their heads and you'll likely find it is them doing lots of the heterodyning.

But fear not, And never resort to killing in self-defense... just disable the collectivist thUgs and try them for treason against Homo sapiens. They are serving the desires of another species, willing to genocide their own species... truly a pathetic Cult.

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JamesRoss 9 months ago

The Freemasons know psychic abilities are real, but as a soul becomes wicked the Creator-God bars or blocks such abilities from monsters from growing stronger and more destructive to the world around them. This is partly why Jane Roberts became such a gifted psychic almost over night. When I read her book "Psychic Politics" She made reference that the "voice of god" weapon was being used on her... although she knew nothing about brainchips, nor that the Lumanians were still living deep in the Earth's crust and that they were guiding the Freemasons to rebuild another "Tower-Of-Babel" to help them extinct our species for the ancients.

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SKC Juke Box Frequencies*

Man we are all screwed between the zombies and the walking biobombs who lined up for the "jab" (eugenics). Thank you for keeping us informed so much!

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chimichonga 2 years ago

Buy scanners! Oh, and lots of guns...

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SKC Juke Box Frequencies*

@chimichonga: Yea I am gonna do the best I can with what I got for sure. Glad there are people who are informing but most wont believe this but I know its been in the works for over a decade especially...

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