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Bus 1170: Vincent Li in a Greyhound Heterodyne-Murder-Case 2008 Brainchip Assassination by Zombie or Brainchip-Bio-Robot (Masons Got Away With Murder)

JamesRoss - 2,493 Views
Published on 17 Dec 2020 / In Technology

Like the title outlines... Vincent Li was innocent of this murder... the real murderous-intent came from the Mystery School Cult minions hiding behind high-tech, bio-robot brainchips and microwave-grids and A.I.

Most "truck attacks" are heterodyned humans (brainchip remote-controlled) Elon Musk is pretending to develop a fake "Neuralink" technology... This has always been the real interface for the last fifty years: No wires actually go into the brain connecting to the neurons. Polina gives us the secret. In order for the brainchip to remote-control the human body the magnetic nano-particle slurry must be injested. All food industries are infiltrated by the Cult-of-sworn-thUgs(the Mystery Schoolers:

The thUgs-network had the "Rambo-chip" back in the 1960s-70s!!! Brainchips are 50 year-old technology used by the wwCult... the secret-societies... (Check out Dr. Rauni Kilde's statement in this interview:

A great interview to watch in order to understand the brain-chip-murderers... is Ventura questioning Dr. Robert Duncan: Duncan is a Judas Goat liar hiding the brainchip-brainbridge technology needed to heterodyne and give synthetic-telepathy. This technology has given the secret-societies their secret hivemind and Tower-Of-Babel.

It seems, the brainchips are always used with celdar, nano-tech-surveillance.
Dr. Barrie Trower speculates that brainchips are not needed because of all the nano energy-beam surveillance/cannons... found in lamp-lights... But the brain-implants are actually still needed in order to heterodyne a brainchip-biorobot like Vincent Li (remote-control by central-command(CC) for the coming zombie-apocalypse. (search for heterodyn in this pdf) This is the important document that explains remote control zombies by brainbridge chip.

When CC remote-controls a human body it is a bit like gaming from a computer like playing world-of-Warcraft. Children are introduced to a slight sense of what it is like to remote-control an avatar. But with heterodyning, the two minds are connected via brainchips... The mind of the zombiechipped is made unconscious so that the body owner does not interfere with the techno-thUg-handler.
You see, when the handler heterodyned Jeff Rense in his hospital bed... the thUgs assumed that Rense was going to die. Rense described his experience of being heterodyne-assassinated... since the handler failed the mission-of-murder. Jeff Rense is meant to expose the thUgtopian-hivemind.

Let Vincent Li be a warning.
Bus 1170
This was a CC attack upon Timothy McLean via brainchipzombie-biorobot oblivious of the remote-control and Vincent Li took the rap for the murder. The result was Vincent Li was set free ( the unsworn still think that he was/is mentally ill ) But Li was just a bio-robot and was innocent according to the Cult... so the Cult-run-Canada set the innocent free to be a future bio-robot-zombie roaming the streets after Covid strikes virus-fears into the unsworn.

The CDC prepares to drive the zombie-apocolypse into the heads of the unsworn.
Oh, Wow! The CDC made a ZombieComic Strip.... they are really into the brainchipzombie preparedness 101 for some weird reason... well, now you know why... they are the thUgs setting up the Covid fears to bring in the zombies.

Here is a little zombie, but he is cute, but totally heterodyned...even Jet Li asks if the boy has "artificial intelligence" and a "chip" They are all thUgs in Entertainment like Hollywood

You see the thUg-network can all be identified by their deeds and also by scanning their heads for brainchip signals... Once that thUg is determined not to be a Targeted Individual like Dr. Katherine Horton or Magnus Olsson, then their Cult "trials and tribulations" may begin. I will be their judge. haa haa! I have a very long list of the things that they believe is their "rights-of-the-shepherds"
But, I'm not one of their sheep... tsk, tsk... thUg-cleansing time is coming! Thank God!

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Another important whistle blowing document that explains a bit about the high-tech wireless process of "heterodyning" the body of another human can be found in here: This is by far the most important document and whistle blowing that Dr. Duncan ever did... this is called "The gathering of the Sheep" to be led to the gates... Duncan is a Judas Goat leading his followers away from the need of a brainchip to heterodyne or even translate thoughts into machine-language.
The brainchip allows the Georgia Guidestone statement: "HUMANITY WILL BE CONNECTED WITH A LIVING NEW LANGUAGE" which some call "synthetic telepathy and Duncan talks about it here.

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

There was another exposure of "binary-biologicals" by Deborah Teveras within the NASA document called "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"... see if I can find it....
No... there is no "binary-biologicals" in that document... this is code for a "brainchippedzombie" Something biological with a binary interface, which is wireless...

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