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Polina's Magnetic-Pulse Brain-Machine-Interface from Homo capensis... Musk's Neurolink is a fake, Polina's BMI technology was in Vietnam War

JamesRoss - 2,556 Views
Published on 19 Mar 2021 / In Technology

Polina is exposing the magnetic resonance Brain Machine Interface(BMI) because they will soon be tricking the public to get a brain link-up implant to get closer to their cellphone technology as described by Roger Ebert.
And here is a brainchipped child:

The goal is to create confusion and fear within all the people not sworn to Mystery School Cult oaths... The brainchip zombie does not gradually change, it is an instant takeover of the human body into a bio-robot as what happened to Jeff Rense in 2015: And the Cult-sworn thUgs have fun making video games where thUgs are remote controlling "converted", disposable drones. The who purpose for making the game "Riddick, Dark Athena" was to show a direct technology that heterodynes a human into a bio-robot. Any creature can be heterodyned, even the big giant ones in the game. The body is kept alive by the original non-Cult soul until the BMI links up to the BMI of the Cult-thUg. They do this today for assassinations mostly and creating patsies to advance Cult agendas:

The Cult sworn thUgs are already minions of a world wide secret army who serve the Freemasonic ancient masters. Homo capensis will use their human minions and then suicide them with fake mind-uploads into A.I. using a fake soul-equation lie: (When I clicked this Morgue link I was offered a free 5-day consciousness expansion which is a free covert brainchip installation group. The Magnetic Mind is the magnetic brainchip link-up.)
that is all the secret-societies who run Western Civilization, they run everything, the unsworn are the cattle in their eyes. They don't share their knowledge and wont teach it to the profane even if paid-for in a university. They are the first to say "knowledge is power." The pretend that they are in a religious, silent war and to share knowledge with the enemy is beyond their insanity. They want to trick the unsworn out of their future. The brainchip is the ultimate trick. Most people don't even know the secret-societies exist. That is a pretty big trick since they run everything the unsworn use.

The last thing to trick out of the unsworn-profane's possessions is their very lives.

Musk is the Cult's Judas goat taking the public understanding in the wrong direction as most follow his lead. (They do this all the time, expense is no object. )
Elon Musk pretends that a few wires onto the surface of the brain the size of a dime is enough to make the interface work throughout the entire brain.... impossible... Musk really blew the con-job this time. The Neurolink does not send the wires to each neuron... which is impossible, too, in the first place, so it is another hoax.

Musk is Cult that built-up a reputation as an innovator and now is the goat.
The reason why I used to say the brain-interface is not likely is because the wire-up version is ridiculous. Musk is selling a ridiculous lie in order to hide the real technology that Polina is slipping in under your nose, so the Cult can make their famous claim that they told you, but you were too dumb to know what you were looking at.

The Rambo chip was used in the Vietnam War to experiment with the "unstoppable soldier". It used the technology which Polina is now making public, deceptively saying it is new. Dr. Rauni Kilde figured out that the thUgs were using this technology against her:

This technology scans the entire brain from the chip, then adjusts an already made-up basic, semantic model (that is A.I. and not syntactic programming). Each brain is too different for one model to work, but a basic template greatly speeds up the creation of the brain model. 15 years ago it took days for the scanner to identify all the neurons that are used for each thought or body movement. Today it may take minutes for the interface to become functional.

To allow the A.I. model to "grow" it has to interact with your thoughts and movements while studying you from a camera usually. The tech that works well was exposed by Dr. Barrie Trower decades ago called "celdar". Celdar is nano-tech too, it locks onto your body and follows you around and can study your every body movement.

The semantic modelling system watches you and corresponds your body movements (via celdar) to the neuron activity that the brainchip scans happening mounted on the surface of the brain. It does not need contact with wires. The only need for wires is to find a Milli-voltage difference between cells in order to power the chip and interface. Induction from the microwaves in the airwaves is also used to power the interface.

What is important to note is that a reactant must be ingested in your food and drink in order to allow the interface to communicate back to the brain. The scanner also acts as a magnetic pulse generator at a microscopic level the way that Polina describes here. All the processed foods and drinks Cult-infiltrated or Cult-owned corporations can and do this if asked to put this nano element that reacts to the magnetic pulse (to activate the neuron) into the ingredient mix.

This is also the way the touch-less torture operates upon the skin and can mess with internal organs and joints. She let out a very big secret talking about the expresso-drink of magnetic nano-particles to make the experiment work. Polina exposes the secret to the Cult's magnetic-canons that can go through walls to torture targeted individuals. Now, that makes this an extremely revealing talk!

Do really think the secret-societies could come up with this type of technology when we were depending on horses to power western society a hundred years ago?

Polina is very likely not capable of telling you how complex the creation of this super-high-tech scanner/generator BMI is... it monitors and injects activity throughout the entire brain. Humanity did not develop this. This came from the ancients.

Brien show a Homo capensis skull

Chris Dunn show the technology inside the Giza Khufu Pyramid is beyond current technology:

Obvious high-tech ancient civilization evidence:

Evidence of the use of Celdar:

Jet Li speculates the toddler is brainchipped:

This should get the old noodle pondering things.

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JamesRoss 7 months ago

As a kind of cross-reference to Polina's magnetic nano-particles in your food and drink in order for the brainchips to biorobot and speak back into your mind... Dr Robert Duncan, another Judas Goat like Polina talks about magentically activated nano-particles:

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PAUL TACHIE 1 year ago

Real life human Guinea pig of the nano chipped vaxx here⬇️ [

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

SKC: The brainchips are the basis of their hivemind.
The whole reason they rebuilt the Tower-of Babel was to have their hivemind... And they pretend that the fleshy body is not spiritually manifested, that it is just a vessel, it is not.
The reason why they have all those cartoons for kids now about “soul-transfer” is because it is the basis of the trick that the ancients have brainwashed into the Mystery School Cult minions heads. The promise that Homo capensis make to it minions is immortality by means of technology... it is a lie... when all the Cult-thUgs die from a fake uploads “Dead men are silenced.”

“As above, so below” is what the ancients pump into their heads. Rosicrucians have the magic circle of transformation, it is all fake, their magic is fake. But like Gobbels said for Hitler The bigger the lie the more believable... the Mystery School Cult minions have been brainwashed with this for centuries. They spit at the Christian cross and stomp on it because the ancients pretty much maligned their bible if they didn’t mastermind it from the beginning. Just read the word of Jesus, but he needed parables because the minds of nonsworn men didn’t have the concept of brainchips, microwaves nor A.I. semantic modelling back then. Things were twisted back then.

But today, all the non-sworn humanity have the education to understand how an artificial intelligent computer is not a god. The Egyptian god Thoth was likely an A.I. knowledge keeper that got god status... “Baphomet” according to Dr. Sean Hross means “the soul go to the pyramid,” which make total sense if you study that the Giza Khufu Pyramid had like a fire inside. Hydrolysis of oxygen and hydrogen from the depth, burned to make sound in the Grand Gallery resonating chamber, the majority of the vibrations in the air transferred that energy form to the rose granite Kings Chamber where the peizoelectric properties of quartz converted that energy to electric charge. On top of this Fortress, Power-Plant Pyramid was the all seeing A.I. that communicated Thoth’s knowledge to the brainchipped hivemind. This was from the Homo capensis rule over Earth era before the Velikovski Cataclysms that killed it. Here is a link to Dr. Wallace Thornhill who is not bullshiting us the way NASA and the university Cult staff that typically do. Funny.. Egyptian Authorities of Antiquirty is a Cult joke upon the nonsworn people who must be kept profane.

The non-sworn people back in the days of that A.I. supercomputer triangle working from the peak of the Khufu Pyramid would hear the hummm coming from the fire in the middle. “Pyra” means fire, “mid” means middle.
The religion in thoses days claimed “Nobody goes in nor out of the pyramid.” the villagers and followers would worship the pyramid as a god. It was alive inside due to a hydrolysis engine. To get the engine restarted if it every stopped was the “Queen’s Chamber” function. Engineer Chris Dunn explains slurries mixed to produce excess hydrogen. This video is right about the slurries but wrong about everything else:

The ancient humans would see Homo capensis as gods as they wave their hands and the brainchippedzombie begins to dance. The spectators would go “wow! You must be a god to do that.” Only a very select few priests-of-the-lie would be allowed to know the truth about the mechanics of the technology. The same lie that is being recreated today with the Mystery School Cult of human-traitors who have been already brainwashed that their souls will be uploaded into the A.I.

The plan that Homo capensis made into and Agenda21, Agenda2020 and now Agenda2030 is their reinstatement as the fake gods that they once were. The trickster gods who are genetically altered for an inability to spiritually expand, but they live very very long lives and can out-think a human quite easily. They will watch all their brainwashed minions commit suicide while imagining that Baphomet will be taking them inside the pyramid. Dead as a spiritual-moron... the whole lot of them holding their masonic lambskin aprons of innocence over their faces as they meet their makers. “Why am I dead? That wasn’t the deal I struck with the satan-race of ancient-thUgs. What a rip-off!”

The CDs that I was pumping out exposing corruption (before I discovered the existence of the masonic thUg-network) used a go.exe and an index.html plus another file. The CD that I gave away from 2002 to 2008 is uploaded here: I stopped while trying to figure out who in hell was attacking me... (it was the masons and eastern stars... along with Jws telling me about Revelations, ha, all the secret-services and homeland security is just a carry-over from the Nazi’s Fatherland security who were masons or Templars, too. Dr. Sean Hross has lots of exposure of their thUggery based from Swizzyland. Of course the Vatican is the “Divining Serpent”, too.

Now, that I’m thinking about it, I tried to help whistle blower karen hudes by showing her how to made her own cd... so the files can be downloaded from there if it didn’t get wiped. Hey, how about that, I have all the parts and pieces for you to make your own disks. Just don’t use my copyrighted example i was giving away. Those were CDs, but it should work for DVDs too. I even managed to embed a video frame set to autoplay once the disk door is closed... you likely my want to do that. I can’t recall how I did it 17 years ago. Some special html coding.

I see you like this site, the way you did up your page here. This site is awesome. Everywhere... everywhere... i'm shadowbanned or deleted. Even the deleted my comments explaining how the brainchip did exactly what happened... they deleted the audio on that page... changed everything to stop me from commenting again... they turned off comments, they will say to anyone. No, they have thUgs amoungst them, or sold-out to the Cult’s pressure. So many people willing to cover-up just what thUgtopia is rising.
Jeff Rense was heterodyned into the ditch, but survived. The heterodyning thUg then brought rense to consciousness to say he did not want the surgery to save his life and then used the chip to knock him unconscious again. He is alive for a reason and I’ve tried contacting him to understand his situation more. Here is the audio that used to be in his article linked above.

All the atrocities that are happening on Earth compared to how things were say 40 years ago. Most of the “nutjobs” are mind-controlled by the thUg-network. William Cooper said mostly the masons were behind all the wars and revolutions and massacres... they have their hand in it all, he said, but his was killed a few weeks of 9/11 demolition of the WTC.

The Cult masters likely shivers when they see how much knowledge that I have pulled out of their thUggery and arrogance. You see, they have a problem... they haven’t been able to murder me like they did my dad. My dad was one of them and he didn’t tell me anything that should have him murdered by his own. I guess my dad saved himself by refusing to be a minion thUg like all the rest. I watch him tortured by invisible forces back in the 70’s. They used him as their guinea pig I gather now that I understand what these thUgs like to do. They are such pathetic human beings, hateful and self-righteously greedy to rule the Earth.

Discovering William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon Radio Series verified that it were the masons up to no-good. Haa they are the wicked along with all the other secret-societies. This broadcast exposes how all the thUgs work together and what their goal is... to take over Old Atlantis lands and rise a New Atlantis, but they have all collectively tainted their goal. Their motto is “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” which they stupidly sing into each other’s ears or into their hivemind ears. They are spiritual morons and i am not trying to insult them, they just are with their silly magic circles and hocus pocus. They think they are destine to rule the universe and they don’t even know what the universe is. Maybe their ancient thUg-masters do, but the ancients are setting them up to slit their own throats. A just reward for selling out their own species and I’m sure the ancient thUgs that Karen Hudes whistle blew into the public record would have no issues backstabbing all of them. And I can already see the backstabbing awaiting the traitors.

As for the unsworn, we have had our head in the sand way to long and our species is ripe to take control of our native Earth... away from that ancient, satan-race ofa thUgs.

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ryler05 2 years ago

What do you know about the Global predictor? Counsil of 22. They are the egyptian hierophants who have now come close to conqering the world. Are they non human? Are these the same hierophants or their descendants?

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

@ryler05: I used google to translate the Deutch... The ancient Homo capensis species used A.I. supercomputer intelligence to defy death by altering their genetics. As a result, their twisted genetic blueprint was hampered from spiritually evolving, but their species actually did succeed in achieving becoming more intuitive and spiritually evolving in some far-off probable universe, but in this sector of the multiverse they are the dead-eyed thUgtopian-masters. They hate our hybird women the most since their genetics refused to revitalize the dying Lumanians who lost their women long, long ago. They created a new species, Homo sapiens, maintaining the Creator-God's blueprint to desire spiritual evolution by giving women the most powerful genetic splice possible and then fuck human genetics out of existence... The great battle between God and the Satan-race of thUgs was created in the minds of the Remnant-Lumanians. Now, that the cataclysms are much over, they want to trick humanity into suicide using the brainwashed Mystery School Cult of Freemasons and other secret-societies that Homo capensis fabricated to become their minions and control them through lies and trickery. This has worked very well. Their job was to cull intelligence out of the herds of unsworn. The "Global Predictor" is now an A.I. supercomputer that uses semantic modelling to monitor environment and thoughts of Homo sapiens via the feathers of the winged-disk: I would repeat this: The ancient race of thUgs were once the Lumanian civilization that used A.I., microwave towers and brainchips to dominate all other hominids within the Proto-Saturnic Solar-System. Then came the capture of the brown-giant star Saturn by our current Sun and the Velikovski Cataclysms ensued destroying the deep-roots of Homo capensis on planet Mars: Only Earth found the Goldilocks Zone where life could continue after the capture of multiple living planets like Titan and Trition, Mars and maybe others. The ancient Lumanians died out, but a Remnant-Lumanian group of self-righteousness survived using their technology deep down hiding in the Earth's crust. Philip Schneider was sent on a retirement mission by the ancient masterminds and treacherous Mystery School Cult, but he managed to survive to tell us his story and that the Remnant-Lumanians are guiding the black operations of Freemasonry:

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