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Elongated Skulls Of The Paracas Museum In Peru + another starchild

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Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In Film and Animation

The Starchild skulls were kept hidden until Lloyd Pye was assassinated.

Brien Foerster grew up on the Wet Coast of Canada where he learned to carve dug-out canoes and make totem poles. He has a nature bent for anthropology. When he discovered the Paracas Skulls of Peru and the complex stonework, he dug in for exposing the mystery to the unsworn public while the sworn Cult made every effort to keep the same skulls hidden from the unsworn public because they make anyone ask smart questions.... they hate smart questions because it my require a culling and then a cover-up and that's a lot of effort.

Brien realizes that these skulls are not "aliens" but they are the ancient-race that somehow could interbreed with our species.... very strange for our species to suddenly be able to interbreed, isn't it... Well, they are still here, hiding amoungst our species (believe it or not!)... they are also called Homo capensis according to the whistle-blowers that Karen Hudes who hung out with others who had deeper connections to the thUg-netork.

This Homo capensis species was a world-wide-civilization of much higher technology that we unsworns have at our fingertips today. The secret-societies hide their access to the ancient's technology, but the basis of the hivemind is now coming out with Elon Musk (the frontman) who is pretending to develop the brainchip... it has been experimented upon the unsworn since the Vietnam War... Likely JFK was going to put a stop to the brainchip experimentation as he collapsed the CIA... but he died, unfortunately and left for us all to solve the mysteries and save humanity instead of his-self... he was a hero who stood-up and defied the massive Cult... never let the fear of death make you cower in fear! We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and thus we all go beyond death. It is kind of a challenge given to us all to discover who and what we really are.

I like this description of the ancient civilizations which you will not find anywhere else upon Earth:

Always try to have fun... it is what makes us human... Homo capensis seem to be the remnant, un-fun, super-thUgs of hate and self-righteous greed. They push that brainwashing into their secret-society human-minion/thUgs and that is why they are so spiritually-pathetic moron-followers.

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