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I Discovered ANOTHER(5th) High-Tech Brainchip-Puppet-Preacher Warning The USA

JamesRoss - 140 Views
Published on 23 Mar 2024 / In Technology

The brainchip puts visions and voices into the heads of targets. These do not come from God, they come from Homo capensis who wants to extinct Homo sapiens. Freemasons and secret societies serve and protect the ancient devils in exchange for technology which is claimed will provide immortality to a select few.

This preacher has been posting since 2018 and the warning come from the same monsters who control and orchestrate their Luciferians and Freemasons minions.
So you would be wise to take her warnings just like you would be wise to remove the Freemason traitors from all their positions of authority in politics, police, military, education, universities, hospitals, etc., all government jobs are being taken over so at a flip of a switch the USA is suddenly governed by the Communists all working together in a brainchip-hivemind.... do you see the trap now?

Here is another brainchip-puppet-preacher: do you see the similarities with this puppet?

This looks like the 5th USA Brainchipped Puppet that I have found, but there would be hundreds conveying their master's voice.
The first is Fritz Springmeire
Jonathan Kleck @ Before-The-Fire 4321
Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck
Celestial @ "TheMastersVoice"
And now here... @ "backatyour1stlove" (a preacher of good-intentions, but brainchipped into unwitting servitude)

They are all people of good-intentions... so they do not know that they are judas goats. They just believe there is no technology that can be "the voice of god" weapon.

The common theme is "Get Your House In Order"
If the people will reject the Freemasons in positions of authority, then the monsters would lose their control over the sheep.

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