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Penn Museum In Philadelphia has Enlongated Skulls (by Brien Foerster) only for Cult minions to study?

JamesRoss - 625 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment

Just pay taxes and ignore the ancient Homo capensis Skulls. These elongated skulls are Freemason secrets that the profane are not allowed to see with those heathen eyes. Those eyes have not been christened nor anointed with Cult blessings. No rebirth from a 322(skull and bonesman) coffin either... worry not, soon the profane will all be vaxed since they are so profane and the Cult-minions are so worthy.

You must be sworn to our museum-cult where we will treat you like Roger Ebert if you divulge any of our sacred secrets. Otherwise we jackals worry little about the thoughts of sheep or cull them.

At least they are not trying to kill Brien Foerster, yet.

Brien is an information warrior...
Alex Jones is a Judas Goat infowarrior-actor. Can you see the difference? Look into the soul of Jones, he is afraid and already evacuating his future to Hawaii. Jones hides his hivemind participation and rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel membership.
Development of ones critical thinking is paramount for humanity to survive the attacks of the ancient Mystery School minons.
Here is a great starting place:

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