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Brainchips for kids; Roger Ebert Pushing Transhumanist NWO

JamesRoss - 413 Views
Published on 26 Mar 2021 / In Technology

Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

It is obvious to me that he was part of the world-wide Cult. His job was really to help the murderous thUgs bring in their thUgtopia... "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT"

This interview is from the late '90s and he describe what the brainchip was doing 25 years ago, from today. They just pretend to the unsworns that it hasn't been developed, yet. These are the words of a complicit Cult spokesman. RIP If a movie ever somehow hit the entertainment sector that the Cult didn't approve, his job was to trash it to no end.

This brainchip technology was exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde to have existed for experimentation upon US soldiers during the Vietnam war.
This technology has been in use against the unsworn portion of humanity for 50+ years.

The Medical Mafia has been brainchipping children for decades. It likely began after the close Mars passby in 2003 The return of the Christ is likely based upon this close encounter rather than the beginning of my age of Aquarius. As you can see from this video the brainchipping of children in China happens at a very young age:

Brainchips are the means to the extinctions of humanity Dr. Horton explains how TIs are not allowed to sleep fully, manufactured dreams become torture nightmares, every time she closed her eyes she had images flashed inside her eyes, just like Ebert is describing. This is truly a thUgtopia rising that must be stopped.

The children are told that they are a 2.0 human, but not told about the brainchip. Cult school teachers help to silence the children from telling their 1.0 parents about the technology. The parents just think their child is "especially smart." (no... the chip replaces normal learning as their brains become lazy as A.I. takes over. This is ancient technology sabotage of Homo sapiens.) The teacher tells the kids, "you are special and other 1.0 humans will not understand what you can do, so don't tell those lesser humans what you can do. Okay junior?"

This is the wwCult breaking down the family structure all around the world where the hivemind of the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel microwave towers and 5G exists. The Cult claims the enemy will be within the homes of family. These children can be switched to assassin mode or zombie mode instantly and they will not recall any of it.

The fake place to put the chip is behind the ear, under the skin. The real chip is kept out of reach of easy removal, because once the victim figures out it is operated by the wicked thUgs genociding humanity, she will remove it, like in "Terminator Salvation" that poor cyborg.

Time to awake up to save humanity.

Effort has to be made to resist and move towards a more loving world or their vortex of hate will overwhelm your world. There is a way out, but one needs to take control of one's own mind first. Just like Seth says here, thUgtopia is going to destroy itself so don't follow that path by blind acquiescence:

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

I was surprised when I saw that Ebert made those very revealing comments about the brainchips over 2 decades ago...
And then his partner Siskel died of cancer in '99 and then the Cult-of-thUgs took away Eberts ability to talk as punishment for exposing the brainchip too early to the profane, unsworn public.
If you are one of the wicked, your fragment is shrinking, decaying and it will be bye, bye, sht-hearted-pie... no american-pie for the treacherous thUgs.

Holy crap! I continued watching the interview... he answered the question way to fast for his typing... They took away his physical voice and gave him a brainchip bluetooth/wifi linkup to have the computer speak for him... holy sht-hearted-pies.
Haaa! honesty is the best policy.... not for any Cult-sworn thUgs... they are sworn to lie or pay the consequences at the commands of their masters.
Cult thUgs don't get cancer if they are well enough connected to thUgtopia. They have wonder drugs not available to the public that wipes out cancer, or is it research knowledge that they don't teach to the public. They say knowledge is power to defeat the ignorant and that might be even one of their motto's like EXITUS ACTA PROBAT.

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