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Mars Earth Shock 747 B.C. Did Earth's Orbit Expand Gaining 4.3 More Days?

JamesRoss - 353 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

Apparently, the true history of the Velikovsky capture of the Saturnic Solar-System is likely only known by the Ancient race of Homo capensis.

We should asked them how it all happened. I'm sure they could tell us, but they don't want us to know the truth... It makes us humans harder to deceive.

Actually, WWI and WWII was all part of the Mystery School Cult's secret attack-plan to convince the unsworn people to put all their efforts into redeveloping A.I. computer technology... They have had their A.I. technology brainchip hivemind already started (according to Dr. Rauni Kilde RIP going into Vietam soldiers, 1960,called the Rambo Chip.
The vaccines is just a cleansing of the unsworn... only the Cult-sworn get to live with the hivemind with designed enjoyment. This is what their war is about, besides their "Ad Astra" hopes rising their New Atlantis phoenix.

If you look at the scar on planet mars... That was the downfall of their last "Lucifer" "Angel" that Live sings about in "Lightning Crashes"... They are Cult minions and the thunderbolt from Mars created the Alabma Basins while it shattered old Atlantis thUgtopian's A.I. That is what the thUg's song is all about... The first "Angel closed her eyes" But now the New Atlantian thUgs are getting rid of the "placenta". All this info is on my channel as I gathered it up for the unsworn to know the truth.

They began trying to kill me since 2006 discovering my CDs
I show the Cult doing in my
They plan to coverty brainchip every unsworn who did not take the vax in order to take you down. The silly thUgs preach "the outcome justifies the deed" And Seth taught you that "the end never justifies the wicked means" EXITUS ACTA PROBAT will taint you New Atlantis, just like Old Atlantis lost it's tyranny. This was not God's doing, it was all their pathetic thUgery and lost, spiritual value-fulillment. They were ignorant of the way the multiverse is designed.

But you live in a multidimensional universe where you have and oversoul or source-self that keeps you alive on the path to your good-willed-future.
Unfortunatly for the wicked-willed-thUgs, God has little use for them after the upload-suicide themselves into the fake A.I. singularity. They are tricked by the ancient Homo capensis that they can avoid meeting their makers, or source-selves... most will not avoid oblivion with their murderous behavior... Just dont you also become a murderer... it changes one's soul for the worse.

The pathetic thUgs will not win any Earth take-over and keep it... "Live by the sword, then die by the sword." New Atlantis thUgtopian will need to learn their lesson again, but not by Mar's thunderbolt this time.

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JamesRoss 2 years ago
We also have to consider the thunderbolt-creation of the "Carolina Basins" at about that time. Study the Carolina Basins... it just may have been the secret date for the annihilation of the Atlantian rise of ancient thUgtopia.

You can see in these Peruvian structures that a energy-beam weapon was capable of melting stone walls:
They were likely flying weaponized crafts of technology dominance that cause this melting of stone walls... it was not magma from the Earth's core.

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