I began exposing Canada's movement towards tyranny back in 2002. http://911cd2005.unaux.com/
I just started this as an experiment: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jrs4n

I expose secret thUgtopians. XtremeRealityCheck is a brainchipped Judas goat. She knows that her prophetic dreams are manufactured by her A.I. brainchip. She knows the voice in her brain is synthetic telepathy from the luciferians ... Not from our Creator-God. Most of my websites were censored after posting links for her education. She will hide the important truths until the brainchip zombie bio-robots take your lifeover... until your probable world is being unstopably destroyed by the wicked. Beware all wwCult thugs collecting government paychecks! They are mostly Freemasons and other ss thUgtopians. Buy a scanner now and expose them all of collective genocide of the sheeple. https://ugetube.com/watch/_8Dp9o1iFePRIQjm.html

I expose the Mystery School Cult and their connection to Freemasonry. http://antissss.ezyro.com/ and my initial Anti Secret Society Movement was taken over by A Texas thUgtopian: the thUg broke into my email and changed the password then deleted antiss.ezyro.com, but I made a mirror at the same time called: http://antiss.unaux.com/

I expose the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel and the horrors that it will bring into the lives of the humanity. http://tob.ezyro.com/

So why am I still alive with all these murderous Freemasonic thUgs all around me? Because we are actually within a spiritually-bases reality. I still live after hundreds of attempted murders within so called physical reality because I love to live and desire to live and desire to save our Homo sapiens species to follow our Creator-God given blueprint for spiritual growth.
The Freemasons and other thUgs (in the opposite direction through murderous intent) desire to destroy Homo sapiens at the request of Homo capensis or the satan-race. The Satan within the bible is actually the remnant, satan-race of thUgs who descended from the collapsed Lumanian civilization based on an A.i. supercomputer fake-god. They remain here to provide humans with our spiritual-challenge to lovingly come together as a successful species rather than destroy ourselves with ancient technology. The Freemasons are on the path towards self-annihilation and they will end up captured from harming themselves… contained within a big black cube like anti-spiritual box they desire so much. They have been brainwashed to believe a mind-upload will become their salvation from humanity rather than meeting up with their maker. They will require their lambskin Freemasonic aprons of fake-innocence to hide their faces as they realize there is no A.i. Lucifer to grant them a fake-salvation from their murderous, genocidal plight upon Earth.

I show people how the Cult minions are unwittingly mislead by the ancient thUg race called Homo capensis.
I show how we are living in a multidimensional physical reality, framework1, that manifests from the spiritual framework2.
I teach the Seth-Books which were created by All-That-Is through Jane Roberts’ miraculous psychological-bridge within the unknown gestalt of godly-consciousness.
I teach how to bring forward your own inner senses abilities to receive direct knowledge from All-That-Is.

I wish everyone a life of good-intentions and thus happy experiences of learning. The wicked-intended will ultimately fail and good-intent will prevail. The Creator-God has no use for the wicked beyond aiding the growth of good-will. The Mystery School Cult is guided by the wicked and that is why their masters decided to assassinate their own high priest Manly P. Hall to be replaced by the A.i. takeover of the Cult. Before Hall’s murder, the freemasons fake-honored Hall in 1975 to be a “living monument” and it was the assassins sect’s job to eventually remove the “living” from his title. So genociding the sheep was always the plan of Homo capensis and Freemasons are just their dumb sheepdogs following their treacherous whistle-commands.

The thUgs desire a designed thUgtopian empire instead of a loving civilization of good-willed people. The root of humanity’s downfalling state is by the efforts and masterminding Homo capensis thUgs. I inform Freemasons that they will fail because they are spiritually-stupid lab-rats and sheepdogs of Homo capensis.

Oh look my old jrsrj1: https://www.youtube.com/user/jrsrj1/videos
Google killed my access back in 2006 as they used this account to discover my efforts of handing out thousands of CDs to fellow Canadians http://911CD2005.unaux.com/

Before the internet is compromised by the Luciferians, you may wish to purchase hundreds of DVD disks and create your own community reset info disk in your own language and data: http://resetdisk.ezyro.com/ (BTW Karen Hudes is the only one who I discovered exposing “Homo capensis,” but she is actually a Judas Goat just gathering a following in order to mislead… just like that Alex Jones who is actually the stand-up comedian Bill Hicks. Even Donald Trump is a Judas Goat gathering a following of sheep for the slaughter… he pushes the jab and that is first wave of WWIII against the non-Cult people of Earth… Time to wake up to the thUgs is not for tomorrow. You will need to put in your own effort or you will follow the freemasonic world into self-annihilation… you need to break free of the brainwashing and seek wisdom through constant learning effort… a salvation will not come from following others but by expanding understanding.