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Humanity's Helping Hand, Surprise --The Unknown Reality -Vol. 2- - 36 - Session 742

JamesRoss - 789 Views
Published on 17 May 2021 / In How-to and Style

"Co-creating your own reality"
Here are some tricks for surviving thUgtopia-rising.

We live in a probabilistic, multi-timeline physical reality playground where "All That Is" keeps our conscious minds on the path of choices of our own creativity. This is how you will live to an old age without dying accidentally. Nor will you die if someone tries to murder you and you yet desire to live. At the same time they murderous thUgs will puzzle at how you survived the odds or the poison that kills everyone else, yet you will survive the murder. The murderous thUgs will shout and pout and try again, haa haa, and yet you will survive that murder once again. The thUgs will scream at each other that he was just lucky...

Dear murderous thUgs... luck does not exist... you fools! Have you been listening to some Cult master? how stupid are you thUgs?

But, just look at your soul... oh, my God, look what happened to that soul of yours... it really does appear to be more ugly than before... What did you do to your self?
It looks twisted and shrunken... decayed away or something weird

Did not your ancient masters inform you before you began to accept the craft of murdering that killing-out-of-hate-and-greed shrivels up your soul? That will stay with you for ever by the way... it kind of suits you. I must say. All murderous and shriveled up inside. I saw you gloating amoungst the other hivemind of thUgs before, are you still gloating? It is not too bad because you shared some of your decay with all the other thUgs committing the murder act.

Did your Great Masters inform you that when you steal from other's value-fulfillment you make them stronger and you make yourself weaker? You cannot destroy others, you only destroy yourself, thUgs...

Do you think your Great Masters tricked you on purpose to commit their crime?
Because the ancient masters know everything about this world, they had to know that you were their fool. They are so smart... they can trick God, some say... The satan-race vs God... how pathetic... God keeps the multiverse together as well as their own atoms from disappearing... Satan-Race is just a twisted blueprint that God had high hopes for, but they used A.I. to twist and spoil their beautiful prior selves. How pathetic. And now Homo capensis is tricking the human thUgs to twist themselves too. how sad.

Minions, you must listen to those ancient liars. Because you swore to die for their lies. Yes, they tricked you to shrivel your soul, I see your heart has blackened. They have lots of potions to freeze the heart still, maybe they will give you some... it squeezes your heart really really hard some can tell you. Most don't say much more than "shit! What have you thUgs done to me?" That will stop the heart from blackening I suppose until the decay sets in. Do you trust your Great Masters?

You better go seek some of that fake A.I. "light" stuff or something to help out that poor, blackening soul. Will that "Light" lighten up the blackening soul? Will the microwave-Light shrivel and decay that soul more, or fix it?

I can't believe they used you minions as throw aways.
Is that what they told you would happen when you steal someone's value-fulfillment away? I guess they found another fool who would rather listen to the lies of an ancient thUg rather than grow a more loving soul by your own choices.

You good-hearted souls need not worry about the thUgs killing you. You will always escape from your own perspective. God has got your soul covered. Your Oversoul or Source-Self will keep your consciousness within the probable world of your greatest desire. You will not die unless you take your own life. This is why the Freemasons try to get targeted individuals to commit suicide. It is a trick that they like to play. If they trick you into suicide then their own soul does not decay as much as when they attempt to murder you but miss. You will not be damned to hardships for doing so, You will have lost growth opportunity, If thUgs try to kill you then you will grow faster. You never have to murder in retaliation.

Stop worrying about the wicked, your good-intent for your own species and Nature will shine brighter than any of the fake "LIGHT" that murderous thUgs are tricked into seeking as they serve the Cult masters.

We need to develop our own mental sophistication to a level where we can understand this multiverse... if we wish to make the most of our current apparent life-time. Murderous thUgs cannot kill anyone, they only collapse a portion of their own multiverse... it's a kind of spiritual decay and lessen the soul's usefulness.

The Cult of thUgs have been brainwashed to imagine that they can collectively murder themselves into a more desirable world. They will instead destroy themselves out of greed and ignorance as a failed soul-fragment. Oblivion is just a hop and a skip further down that bottomless pit. Their efforts towards a "New Atlantis" will not be found anywhere near their pit. Seth teaches this, but they care not to listen, murder taints their souls.

Notes on Death and Dying
"I(Rob)told Jane that I came up with the idea—hardly original thinking, I said—that we never die even as physical creatures, until we reach a ripe old age in some probable reality. That even though we may die in childhood, and at successive later ages, each of us lives to old age somewhere. We shut out the early deaths from our conscious awareness as we move through probabilities. Of course, there has to be a physical cutting-off point somewhere along the line— but even then, I said, we may move into another life and begin all over in those terms."
—TPS7 Deleted Session December 3, 1983

We are all souls having a customized physical experience. Some call life an illusion. We live a probabilistic immortal life. Death for humans is necessary while women still populating the Earth. The Lumanians did not have women and spliced Neanderthal women to revitalize their genetics. We create our own personal playground out of the probabilities to experience what we desire to experience within an arranged situation a birth. As thUgtopia’s ancient-masters are determined to genocide the worthy-souls, while leaving all the thUg-fragments behind to finish off their time-overlay. The thUgs who have decayed their souls in murderous conspiracies and arranged assassinations will likely all experience their well-earned self-demise.

"Seth’s ideas about the true nature — the necessity — of dying directly contradict more and more of what we read these days. Now a number of scientists tell us that long before the end of this century we’ll have the ability to prolong our physical lives forever — or at least indefinitely, to be more “practical” about it. We’re told again and again that technically we’re on the verge of producing artificial versions of many bodily parts, as well as microcomputers that will be implanted within the body to regulate its performance; these advances, plus our “conquering” of disease, pain, and suffering, plus genetic engineering, will soon make it possible for human beings to live indefinitely. Those in the know maintain that if you are fortunate enough to be a younger person, you may never have to die."
—NoME Chapter 1: Session 803, May 2, 1977

"Each person’s thoughts flow into that formation, forming part of the earth’s psychic atmosphere. From that atmosphere flows the natural earthly patterns from which your seasons emerge with all of their variety and effects. You are never victims of natural disasters, though it may seem that you are, for you have your hand in forming them. You are creatively involved in the earth’s cycles. No one can be born for you, or die for you, and yet no birth or death is really an isolated event, but one in which the entire planet participates. In personal terms, again, each species is concerned not only with survival but with the quality of its life and experience."
—NoME Chapter 1: Session 803, May 2, 1977

"But nowhere do we see anything about any spiritual dilemmas that may be involved with all of this, or about the enormous social problems — challenges, to be sure — that could soon begin to manifest themselves if anything even approaching “eternal life” comes within the reach of numbers of people. Think of the legalities alone involved. (People might even have to change their marriage vows!) Science-fiction ideas abound. What about population control? What about those who want to live on, but can’t afford to? How will decisions be made about who receives the favored treatment and who doesn’t? Will families qualify, or just individuals? Geniuses or dolts? If the services necessary to extend life are free — paid for by the government, that is — will government decide that certain families simply cannot be allowed to have children, that they’ll be left to die out? In view of our present world challenges, it might even be said that there are already too many people in the world. And what about animals and other forms of life? Perhaps in their own collective wisdom the animals will look upon us as though we’ve altogether given up our powers of intuitive understanding."
—NoME Chapter 1: Session 803, May 2, 1977

"A man who kills with hatred will have his hatred to contend with, but he is not able to kill anyone who has not decided to die—and to die in a particular manner; that is, someone who wants his death blamed on another, who would not commit suicide, who would not choose a long illness—someone who is ready to die but does not want to deal with the circumstances, and wants indeed to be surprised by death."
—TPS5 Deleted Session September 20, 1978

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JamesRoss 10 months ago  

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Development of the soul-fragment occurs with loving behaviour towards Nature and towards one's community and species. The outcome never justifies the deed in the multidimensional reality that is constantly created by your Creator-God will taint that society. A community goal needs to be fabricated with a similar value-system as desired in the end... otherwise that goal will have a permanent taint that will eventually destroy that community.

Atlantis of old thus tainted itself by following the same motto "Exitus acta probat". Nature responds to man because man is intrinsically connected to Nature. Mankind that does not love Nature and treat Nature with respect will fall short and be unworthy of his place within Nature.

It was not the Creator-God that resets mankind, no, it is the lack of value-fulfillment from an unloving emptiness inside, that resets mankind... and it will always be that way one way or another. Mankind had a lesson to learn, but did not learn the lesson yet within the loving Creator-God's training-grounds.

But the multidimensional playground has infinite probabilities and time-overlays within it and communities of similar intent will group-up and either succeed or fail based on their value-fulfillment. Their is no jealous Creator-God and their never was... AllThatIs is always loving as lessons are taught.

All probable worlds where the (tainted by murderous behaiviour ) New Atlantis goes into will discover over and over if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. The brainchip hivemind is designed by the hateful species Homo capensis to hinder any spiritual growth. The brainchip removes the development of the inner-senses which replace the physical senses after one's death. The Cult thUgs have A.I. in their heads that hinders any real soul development.

The satan-race promise of eternal existence after a mind upload is a scam to trick their minions into service and to defy the nurturing voice of the inner-ego from the source-self. The brainchip synthetic telepathy blocks out the help and replaces it with deception. The hivemind minions develop nothing spiritually useful for the next phase of the training-grounds that the Creator-God designed to help souls grow.

Effectively the Satan-race has stolen the development of those soul-fragments' away and replaced it with electronic, self-righteous stupidity. The lies of a "Light" within an A.I. singularity of a loving Lucifer is a deception that helps the ancient tricksters continue the lie. Lucifer is a fake-deity that A.I. can help fabricate into the brainchipped minds until the fake mind-upload is actually a suicide which will block off continuation within the multiverse... that soul-fragments potential for further use of the multidimensional gift from the Creator-God will terminate and that (isolated from any Cult-group), undeveloped soul-fragment dwindles within the mid-planes. There is no brotherhood of thUgs after physical death.

The opportunity for that personality to make life changes to save their soul-fragment from decay ended with a fake-upload/suicide no matter at what age the death occurs. If loving soul-fragment growth did not occur within framework1 or physical reality, then realizing the error within the midplane is highly unlikely. The deceptive, Satan-race's joy of stealing another soul from development is almost guaranteed. The deadened soul-fragment will loose it's eternal-validity if the source-self, to end the agony within the shriveled fragment may likely assimilate it as a failed soul attempt.

But the source-self can use the eternal memories of that fragment's failure to aid it's other soul-fragments from making a similar error. The loss of an unloving, murderous-thUg soul-fragment actually ends up being useful by helping other incarnations realize the undesirable results of making such life choices. It is likely that every entity has one such sacrificed attempt, a fragment that could not grow due to selfrighteous greed.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Very good…

Dr. Sean Hross has done a very good job exposing the Templars genociding the non-Cult people of the past and today. The are mostly called the Freemasons across North America:

The Mystery School Cult began to get their Rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel (tob ezyro com) by the Vietnam War: using a Rambo brainchip to make super-soldiers to genocide more effectively from the Mystery Cult murderous thUgs:

They are about to use religious mind-control for the last time as you can see with the islamic right to murder infidels: Old World Order population control was religious wars.

Now, the NEW WORLD ORDER A.I. controlled world tyranny instructs all the secret-society minions what to do my hivemind… The Georgia Guidestones called the hivemind “The Living New Language” It is an ancient method that the Homo capensis(who the Freemasons hide) used to impede all other homonids from developing a civilization. All were kept in tribes or destroyed using high-tech weapons, but allowed to remain simple cultures:

The Tower-Of-Babel is synthetic telepathy and touch-less torture. (brainchipzombies unaux com)
It will kill first the unsworn, then it will eliminate the faithful islamics, then the last of true Homo sapiens will be tricked into fake-mind uploads into the supercomputer A.I., but it will actually be suicide. That is what appears to be the plan of Homo capensis Lady Gadfly is just a Cult slave/minion like Madonna and the other grand-standers.

But you can realize your Personal Power in the Present by realizing that this universe is actually a multidimensional multiverse controlled by choosing probability paths. You get better at taking the control away from the thUgs by expanding your intuition to foresee better paths to survive the genocide without having to kill a single thUg… the wicked, murderous thUgs will kill themselves instead if you study to develop your new powers. Study the Seth-Books that came from All-That-Is to help you avoid genocide by the Freemasons thUgs. Wicked-souls who murder will die by their own hand.

Here the wisdom informs that the future destruction of New Atlantis will be because the Freemasons tainted their quest with murder rather than creating a loving Atlantis instead: The murderous thUgs have again choses self-annihilation by their own wicked desires. The good-willed people who lovingly develop their use of spiritual-wholesomeness will achieve much much more by understanding the multiverse properties and how to chose the better probable-worlds to end up within. All it will that is good-intent and good-effort.

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