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Dr. Wal Thornhill

JamesRoss - 1,079 Views
Published on 26 Jan 2021 / In Science

This is Rex Bear's introduction to the astrophysics of Dr. Wal Thornhill.

Since Rex didn't know much back then about thunderbolts he let Thornhill tell his story with few interruptions and few re-directions... so the interview was controlled by Wallace. Wal is a bit softspoken but his worldview is highly cherished.

David LaPoint did not join the thunderbolts sapphire efforts because of fundamental beliefs about the validity of Birkeland cosmic elecrical currents.
LaPoint is impeded and hindered by the wwCult of freemasons and other Cult-minions, so his Theory should be checked out for that reason if not for it's logic.

My rejected earlier write-up:

Dr. Thornhill is the key representative for explaining the electrical physics behind the project. is Wal's site. is the project site. is the laboratory site that is similar to the David LaPoint plasma experiments
But LaPoint has been deflected from exposing any more of his "Primer Field Theory revelations" which is suspicious that thunderbolts is not hindered the same way. You may notice that David LaPoint was asked to join the Electric Universe team and movement, but the meandering plasma tails gave him a fundamental disagreement with Birkeland Currents driving their EU Theory.
Cool hey? NASA pretends the Primer Fields and EU scientist don't exist... because they are exposing the truth and NASA is another branch of the Mystery School Cult of thUgtopians. ( Project Paperclip (revealed in more depth by Mark Philips )

The pieces to the wwCult's, scamming puzzle are slowly being revealed. They may have to hide out with the ancient-thUg-race deep down in the "bottomless pit" haa!

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Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis 2 years ago

its Flat and fixed. Space is fake. The moon is just a light. Heliocentrism is Dead.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

Why is it that looking at the North star the other stars rotate around it counter clockwise, at the equator the stars travel to the west, then looking at the southern axis the stars rotate clockwise around it... all at the same time. A flat Earth under a dome of lights cannot do that... just critical think for a few seconds and wala...

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