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Jan at XtremeRealityCheck exposed SUPER SOLDIERS Which are Actually Brainchipped Zombie Bio-Robots... or Implant Hypnotized

JamesRoss - 155 Views
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Technology

Implants can activate a part of the brain which make one much much more susceptible to brainchip-interactive hypnosis. The subject must be tricked to go against his basic wishes or the brainchip knocks him unconscious and bio-robots the physical body.:

Patsy shooters are actually brainchipped into bio-robots and these are the sleeper brainchip zombie apocalypse that the CDC is warning you they have planned after Covid and starvation:

The rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel is in control of the Freemasonic or Luciferian or Military Brainchip-zombies

Cases of bio-Robots:

Polina is pretending that this technology is not developed yet... she is lying, it is 50 years old and used to murder hundreds of thousands already, I bet...

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