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Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck Is Actually Exposing Brainchip Zombies

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Published on 24 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

The cover photo is of a Luciferian talking about "Modern War" against the common people.

Covid-19 was the beginning of the official Luciferian secret Modern Warfare against the sheep commanded by Homo capensis. The monsters will fail if you do not give up trying to save your species from extinction.

You see, the secret societies are all members of the Mystery School Cult that has the sworn agreement to hide from the sheople the true origins of Homo sapiens. Freemasons are rising their New World Order to rebuild a fake New Atlantean Empire over Earth.

Freemasons hide from non-Cult people the ancient failed race of mankind... Homo capensis.
and Jonathan Kleck are brainchip-puppet-preachers for Homo capensis... they are bamboozled by the brainchip's hypnotic effects. Some day they will begin to wake up to the treachery as Jan is now beginning to expose.

Only Brien Foerster has really bothered to exposed the elongated skulls while Freemasons and other minions hide the skulls from the non-Cult people.

Luciferians have the brainchip, but they have chosen to be traitors to their genetics and serve the ancient failed mankind, the devils, Homo capensis. Their reward is a fake mind-upload and their souls become unworthy to graduate to more complex dimensions of existence. A very hefty price to pay for their murderous greed within the physical reality illusion... The conquest that they seek is an illusion to trick them into exposing their true colors. Once they die and meet their maker... then they will realize that they chose out of free-will to become unworthy thUgs and will lose their precious gift. They will be contained to keep them out of trouble... Ancient devils and Freemasonic-Luciferian alike are the unworthy who loose everything precious. The Creator-God has no use for murderous thUg personalities.

Their NWO conspiracy is to genocide away the non-Cult people now that the A.i. Tower-Of-Babel has been rebuilt.

Brainchip-zombies were exposed by me for a decade but my information gets subverted by Freemasons and Cult minions
You can download the site here: and then open index.html in your browser.

The magnetic brainchip functions this way: and you need to consume a constant supply of magnetic nano-particles in order for the brainchip to interact with neurons and activate the "voice of god" weapon that Jan hears.

This brainchip can also remote control the human body:

The Creator-God has provided you with information to help expand your mind and your soul: by connecting the new messenger Seth with Jane Roberts.
The Creator-God is always with everyone, even the wicked.
The murderously wicked people (like the secret societies serving the old devils) destroy their eternal souls and get packed away in a spiritual-box or they get assimilated back into their source if they give up existence and independence. Those are the unloving, unworthy souls and the Mystery School Cult attracts those type of souls that wish to fail.

Worthy souls learn to love Nature and other souls and are never murderous. A worthy soul will defy the dictates of the ancient Homo capensis self-righteous monsters. Freemasons are the main branch of the wwCult that attracts the souls which want to become murderous monsters. The probable worlds where murderous monsters prevail over the people of good-intent will self-annihilate due to intrinsic unworthiness.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

A year ago I exposed to Jan that her "prophetic dreams" were actually A.i. coming from a covertly implanted chip since about 2011 where I noticed her Youtube videos began changing. Jan was videoing and posting her how baby.

After I gave her links to and and they were all banned by freemasonic activity.

I told her about the computer brain interface
And now she is coming around and making the connection.

She is beginning to break away from being a brainchip-puppet herself.
But maybe, Homo capensis thinks the brainchips covertly implanted by Freemasonic medical mafia is unstoppable...

Just turn off the microwaves and the brainchips stop
The NWO hivemind stops
The A.i. driven Tower-Of-Babel stops

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