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Covertly Brainchipped, Jeff Rense was/is a Bio-Robot, Remote-Controlled (Almost to Death) To Assassinate His Body from Earth. Born-Again Freemasons are Mystery School thUgs!

JamesRoss - 2,107 Views
Published on 23 Mar 2021 / In How-to and Style

The Freemasonic assassins have tried to assassinate my ass hundreds of times and failed... they want to maim me so I can no longer work... how pathetic they all are... you see why?

We all live in a multiverse of infinite probabilities (as do the snakes and cockroaches) and I end up in the probable world according to my beliefs and desires. These pathetic murderous thUgs are following me here like barking sheepdogs following the whistle commands of Homo capensis or the murderous Satan-Race of ancient-thUgs attempting to rise another pathetic, outworn technology of tyranny over the Earth... The Mystery School Cult is their creation to lie and brainwash their pathetic, self-righteously greedy minions and followers.

Everyone is put at the center of its/his/her customized universe of infinite probabilities. Jeff Chose to remain in this probable world because the Second-Coming is going to teach everyone about the future of mankind here as the Mystery School Cult dries up and leaves all the Cult thUgs to answer for their crimes against humanity.

It is that simple, Freemasons are the main secret-society who are genociding Humanity off of Earth by their ancient master's command.
Cars are used as weapons!
By whom?
By the high-tech brain interfaces that Dr. Rauni Kilde exposed existed as far back as the Vietnam War.

How did Jeff survive? It is a spiritual thing which he may know of, or may not know of, but Rense has a conscious or subconscious understanding of how to use his Point of Power in the Present.

The brainchip that sits over top of the consciousness centre of the brain can render the mind instantly unconscious... at the same time the same chip can take over the motor-active control centre of the brain in order to remote control the human body. When consciousness is given back to the mind then there is no sense of loss of time, even hours if not days later. This is why all car and truck attackers are murdered or assassinated so they do not talk like Jeff Rense is doing... because now you know it is all a scam as Rense tells you that someone else was in control of his body at the hospital rejecting surgery for him. The secret is now coming out that Alex Jones has been hiding, David Icke hides this, they all hide this because this is how the Cult plans to reduce population and assassinate the real whistle-blowers... silently using high tech. All targeted individuals are brainchipped so they can have a mind-job done on them by the fabulous freemasons and the rest of their hivemind brothers and sister thUgs.

Who installs them? The Medical Mafia... It only takes a few minutes if they are well organized... less than an hour for them to sneak into your house while magnetic resonance cannon-beams are aimed at your head and render you unconscious. Polina just brushed over the true uses of what those magnetic nano-particles can do to your body. Chemtrails were to get the nano-particles abundant within the attack zone which allows the high tech to function more efficiently to genocide the non-sworn portion of humanity. Also for the nano-bots that Dr. Carrie Madej exposed actually hides within red blood cells to pump out manufactured neural-toxins:

This was another brainchipped remote controlling of the driver... there are thousands of these type of assassinations since the Tower-Of-Babel hivemind masonic Light of Lucifer was rebuilt to destroy humanity and rise thUgtopia or the fake "New Atlantis" destine to self-implode again:

Who are these thUgs and why are they doing this? The are the Mystery School Cult that William Cooper Exposed back in the 1990's In particular listen to the 19th hour of the Radio Series.

You are being lied to by Elon Musk. Wires on the top of the brain cannot link up all the active neurons.
But Polina Anikeeva is telling you the truth that microscopic magnetic resonance is used with colloidal magnetic nano-particles to allow the interface to reach into the depth of the brain synapses and neurons. Really, I already envisioned that something like this was needed and I noticed that the entire process food and drink industries could put something reactive and undetectable into their consumption products. Bingo!

Dr. Duncan is a backstabber to humanity as he is still on the Cult's team: Dr. Duncan became a whistle blower by writing his expose of "The Matrix Decipher" but he hides the brainchip. Jeff Rense was still conscious while the brainchip heterodyned or remote controlled him to reject the operation to save his life.... This is the first public account of heterdyning on record, but Rense doesn't know the technology and I can't contact him due to Cult interference. Masonic interference is very very highly organized using A.I. to monitor everything even the minds of their targets.

This little biorobot is remote controlled to dance and amaze the audience, but Jet Li knows the truth... the boy is brainchipped.

Vincent Li was turned into a brainchipped zombie and ate Tim McCleans eyes and ears and whatever else...

Dr. Horton is also brainchipped so that she can see images when she closes her eyes... listen to her rant! Is Kathrine going to be another brainchip zombie? Or will she be able to notice and remove the brainchip?

Don't you just love the ruthless thUgs of the CIA and the rest of the Cult Freemasons and Eastern-Stars who hide the zombie apocalypse brainchip hivemind from you?

This Tim Rifat is feeding mostly disinformation as he hides the used of brainchip interfaces needed to model the brain... the brain must be modelled with onboard A.I. in order to feed in voices and to remote control the body... look at Rifats website... he teaches nonsense.

The way to notice a brainchipped zombie family or friend is to scan them...
You have to invest in a scanner like Magnus Olsson did:

Good luck all you zombie wanna-bees... A hive of bees or a hivemind of brainchipped zombies

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 6 months ago


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JamesRoss 10 months ago

Two Radio hosts attacked by thUgtopia:

This gives me sense that Stew Webb may be Masonic:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

The Freemasons used this tactic to total off my Grand Am through a power pole in 2013 and rolled my mini van in 2020. If they try to heterodyne the target the entire way then that murderous thUg will likely perish him or herself instead, so they just use little bursts of heterdyning and then let the marbles fall as they will for their own safety. You see these thUgs who do this believe in the Creator-God's intervention and yet they still work against their chosen targets while defying God.
These thUgs have destroyed their soul-fragments and they have to linger within my probable time lines. Whereas for Jeff Rense they did the opposite because this is not this main probability, but it is very close.
The handler only gave Rense a split second of consciousness during the accidents... where as for me the handler only used a split second of my consciousness. They should have realized that they are all about to die soon, yet they still play their murderous game rather than convert away from wickness. When I watch them perish in front of me, they should realize that they all deserve to perish as we make way for the Second Coming in this timeline.

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SKC Juke Box Frequencies*

Electronic attack to trigger the wreck.

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