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The Essence of a Modern-Day, Brainchipped, False-Prophet

JamesRoss - 592 Views
Published on 25 Jul 2021 / In People and Blogs

Meathook Morgue

Revenant Morgue:

Soul Equation for mind uploading into A.I.

Jonathan Kleck the Good-Willed, Brainchipped, non-critical-thinking, bamboozled by technology, self-proclaimed prophet unwittingly used by the Mystery School Cult as a Judas Goat

And have a great week.

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TwoFeather 10 months ago

He doesn't practice what he preaches. He is in prison himself, he is being controlled.
When will he free himself.
He is just another loser playing a part.
He is mad at the world. Hates himself for not having the will to get out of his rut.
Take away all the makeup, jewelry, clothing and his mumbo jumbo and you will see his true self.

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JamesRoss 10 months ago

The Mystery School run education system feels this is a success! They want to collapse Western Civiliaztion with this type of thinking... from the ashes the fiery phoenix of New Atlantis is secretly organized "to rise"

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TwoFeather 10 months ago

@JamesRoss : The "success" they are seeing is the brain dead followers that follow his type of crap. Past couple of years you can notice how these type of brain dead, no self esteem losers follow anything that makes them feel noticed. (all those protesters) following something that makes them feel like worth something.

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