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Homo capensis Call themselves Nephilim, The Luciferians( like Freemasons) are their Brainchipped-Brainwashed Minions

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Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In People and Blogs

This video from Nicholson1968 has too many parallels to my research to remain un-commented upon.

The cover-photo is the NWO A.i. fake-god symbolism similar to Egypt's winged-disk-god usually above doorways... which supports the realization that this video is just more NWO-worship rather than a concerned Christian exposing biblical truths.

The Luciferians also use the Christian Bible along with their Strong's Concordances numerology.

Numerology is a Luciferian thing more than it is a Christian thing to do. For example the Jonathan Kleck "Before the Fires Ministry" is guided by the Luciferian Brainchip-hivemind and he is guided by the "word of god" weapon to usually use numerology to back-up his Christian claims.

This video ends showing what I can see as the flying disk that ancient Egypt used.

The statement that the fake-god will destroy human beings and the rest of Nature is a Remnant-Lumanian or Homo capensis quest that needs to be resisted as a minimum effort by every human being worthy of their Earthling-genetics.

Freemasons and other sheepdogs are the minions helping the Remnant-Lumanian civilization to extinct life off of Earth. Maybe now, that the Velikovsky-cataclysms seem complete, Homo capensis wants to bend Nature to serve their needs rather than following the Creator-Gods' blueprint.

Resist the hive-mind-saboteurs or you will follow that probable path through the unfolding, multidimensional universe.


Resist tyranny or perish with the brainwashed minions as they genocide the sheep and suicide themselves.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

You may recall the "Plandemic" post which also symbolizes the winged-disk with UN overtones:

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