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The Purpose of Freemasonic Actor/thUgs is to Hide the Secret Controllers of Earth, Homo capensis, The Ancient (Failed) Mankind; Some Call Them THE DEVIL

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Published on 19 Sep 2022 / In Entertainment

Justin Castro/Trudeau swore to serve Queen Elizadeath2's hares(bunny offspings). In actuality, he serves the hidden grandmasters, the ancient failed mankind who hide as the devils of Earth. The Creator-God provides these lurking monsters within physical reality to act as a challenge for the new mankind(Homo sapiens) to chose worthiness instead of self-righteous unworthiness. You see, the Freemasons and other thUgs are failing the test of worthiness and their eternal souls will be boxed-up after their deaths from these training-grounds. There is no such thing as a mind-upload into A.i. like the devils promised them... too bad, so sad for them. Their "HOPES" to go "Ad Astra per Aspera" is as empty as their blackened hearts.

Homo capensis failed to spiritually evolve into loving caretakers of their own planet within the Proto-Saturnic Solar System.
Instead, they used ancient technology to manipulate their own genetics so they live almost forever and grew bigger brains while losing their grasp upon their spiritual foundations.

Homo capensis seems to imagine that they are in a battle with a fictitious "Old Man" whom they call "The Creator." They are experts at decaying and shriveling their own souls and they have brainwashed the Freemasons and other secret-societies to do the same... brainwashing their minions to destroy what they cannot sell, their souls. Minions cannot sell their souls to the devils. But they can serve the devils

MAG shows you how the minions have all souled-out to fake hate and self-righteous greed.

MAG does not show you the ancient monsters who created their Mystery School Cult of genocidal thUgs. The rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel was worshiped in the opening ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games, but MAG does not see it or avoided it. His following is mostly fellow minions who help him hide the brainchips, A.i. supercomputer fake-god, and hivemind army of secret-society minions who are mind-linked to the hivemind powered by all the microwave towers that also provide cellular phone services for the sheeple.

The NWO can be stopped by eradicating all microwaves within the atmosphere of Earth.

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