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The Covidian Cult
Casey Edwards

Unsworn Homo Sapiens Are In The Process of Identifying the Mystery School Cult of Murderous Thugs/Pawns Pushing the NWO for Homo capensis

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Published on 29 Jul 2021 / In How-to and Style

How to save your species from extinction...

Bottom Line: The ancient race of thUgs, Homo capensis, created the Mystery School Cult to rebuild the Tower-Of-Babel ( ), then use it to genocide the unsworn Homo sapiens, then fake-upload or suicide the last of the Cult-humans off of Earth. Extincting the species.

Survival will require effort on every unsworn soul's part in their life upon Earth. Our species is challenged to lovingly, come together and survive the manipulations of the ancient, Satan-race.

If you are lazy and expect others to save you... you might not make it to safety into a more loving world.
Your laziness might keep you following the dictates of the Mystery School Cult thUgs.
Say "no, I do not want to follow you to my death". You are born of this Earth and you have a strong instinct to survive... let your intuition and reasoning help you survive. Humans have broken away from just using instinct to survive... use your mental tools.

Many religions have been designed by the ancient-thUgs to trick you into laying down and giving-up... that is not survival. Time to awaken... If you desire to survive, it would work out better if you turn that desire into reality... It should be obvious that the Mystery School Cult of thUgs (Freemasons and Eastern Stars, mostly) are springing their trap as they spiritually destroy their own souls.

Your critical-thinking needs to be activated
Your intuition needs to be activated and intertwined with your critical-thinking intellect. This acknowledgement will help you along your path towards survival. The good-willed souls who work towards survival will have the Creator-God at their side.
The murderous-thUgs who toil to destroy will eventually figure-out that they have been toiling to destroy themselves within a multidimensional reality. So never give-up, worthy souls, never give in to the murderous-monsters, keep fighting towards success.

The wwCult thUgs who are now all brainchiipped into a hivemind of A.I. controlled service are the failures of our species as they genocide their own species at the dictates of their masters, Homo capensis, the Satan-race of ancient-thUgs.

UN troops will soon be roaming your streets, but do not back down... rather convince them to join the efforts of the unsworn if they are not Cult-sworn. You live in a multiverse of infinite probable outcomes. The Creator-God has not forgotten you. The Creator-God is always with you and you will survive if you desire to succeed. This is the miraculous gift that God gives all creatures within their own customized, co-created worlds.

The attack of the Cult-sworn upon you... is your signal to accelerate your learning within your training-grounds, your customized playground of life through the infinite probabilities.

The thUg-network have been trying to murder me for 15 years with no apparent success. This is the probabilities bending to my wishes and it is the same for everyone. You will not die if you are not lazy and you strive to survive. This is a gift that the Creator-God gives everyone, not just me.

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The Covidian Cult
Casey Edwards