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Trump-Tower Penthouse: Eros and Psyche Statue Official Myth (Strangely, Psyche is carrying Eros here, which makes Freemasonic (sapiens/capensis) sense)

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Published on 24 Jul 2021 / In Entertainment

Narrative source:
Picture source: http://www.threeheartschurch.o....rg/Sermons/2017-02-1

The fallen "angels" who have bred with human women are also the ancient Homo capensis. They see themselves as "the ageless fallen." Amazing what ancient, outworn technology could do.

Karen Hudes was not lying when she exposed Homo capensis:

Philip Schneider had an amazing career that led up to the Cult's secretly-arranged retirement-party for his entire geological DUMB-building team along with unwanted green and black berets at Dulce. Of course the commanding Freemasons did not go down... just like in WWI and WWII, they just stood back, commanded and watched the show. Only for Phil to later discover that Homo capensis was actually orchestrating the agenda of his Mystery School Cult bosses. There was no war, it was masters working with their human minions.
The ancient, satan-race of the bible took over an entire underground conference.

This discovery is what made Phil instantly give up his job quietly and never go back down into their bottomless pits which "Hell" symbolizes. The "Devil" exists, but he is actually an ancient-race that sends a representative to the surface to crack a "deal" with the naive.

Phil realized that he had, thus, actually been working for the ancients (that he called "aliens"), not his own USA people. There are no distant-star aliens commuting to and fro... just the local ancient thUgs who have tricked the Freemasons and others to genocide their very own Earthly species for these invaders and then commit suicide with a fake mind-upload. I watch them gloating amoungst themselves as to how intelligent they all think they are with their pathetic "secrets."

Before our Sun captured the Proto-Saturnic Solar System and Earth. The ancients knew their high-tech, A.I. civilization was going to be ripped apart by our current Sun to replace old Kronos.
Capensis had ruled that solar system for so many millions of years that they were able to eventually alter their own genetics so that they could live almost forever (without some accidental death). They no longer could allow the reproduction abilities that their women provided their species. Yet, in preparation for the destructive capture, they combined enough of their own genetics into Homo erectus and/or Neanderthals so that they could interbreed with their/our women. The successful genetic splice created Homo sapiens only to result in infertile offspring. Our women's genetics stopped capensis from fucking humanity out of existence. So they used our species to get them through the planetary and intermediate-axis cataclysms, which are now, few and far between.

The symbolism of Psyche becoming deified and place into the stars is part of the myth that humans2.0 will be able to go "Ad Astra"... "to the stars" as "BORG" cyborgs. The minions totally believe that their minds or consciousnesses will be able to separate from their dead bodies and be held within some fictitious A.I.singularity where Lucifer breaks into this physical plane. They have been decapitating themselves, killing themselves before death in hopes they will be revived in the future long enough to be "uploaded" into A.I.Lucifer: (notice the 4-point, divine-star and Templar, double-triangle in the logo)
I can almost hear the echos of capensis/satan choking upon laughter at their stupid minion/pawn/thUgs of the Mystery School Cult. What a convincing, old trickster!

"Eros" represents Homo capensis,
while "Psyche" represents Homo sapiens.
That is the esoteric symbolism of that statue.

Background information: "Worlds in Collision".
Dr. Wallace Thornhill adds many unknown truths to Earth's cataclysmic past:

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no aphrodite and agape

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Haa! wrong hair style:

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