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Know Your Enemy -Part 8 - The Mystery School- (the "serpent" is actually symbolic of Homo capensis, the Satan-race)

JamesRoss - 132 Views
Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In People and Blogs

The Serpent is the instigator of the wars and woes of Homo sapiens heading towards self-annihilation through the Mystery School Cult. An Ancient-A.I. (fake-god) spliced capensis genetics into Earthling women eggs as an experiment to save their own species' vitality. (Adam came after Eve!)
All the fancy and holy religions were created by capensis to play upon Homo sapiens' natural spirituality in order to trick our species into unwitting servitude...
Natural Spirituality got extracted from Homo capensis genetics on purpose using the same dreadful A.I. technology that spliced Eve into existence. The revitalization experiment failed so Homo capensis created the Mystery School Cult to help them enslave Humanity's desires for freedom.

Homo capensis doomed itself to never spiritually expand while the new Homo sapiens still desires to expand spiritually as part of our original Blueprint from God created Life and Earth. A.I. simply manipulates life and A.I. will never gain a soul... it is the illusion of mankind creating life. Mankind has never created life, God creates all life.

So capensis hates Homo sapiens with a passion because our Earthling genetics is strong enough to expand our spirituality upwards to a new level of intuitive-being. Humanity's ancient genetics broke away from acknowledging our dependence upon God as Homo capensis, but now as a new mankind, spliced into existence by capensis' hopes to save their tyrannical blood-line of thUggery... Homo sapiens will mesh back into God's godliness by understanding that all of the multidimensional universe is one with and part of God. Hence the Cult minions are all brainchipped and their minds interfered with so they never spiritually expand. The minions are choosing to follow the satan-race into their desired form of oblivion.

Know Your Enemy (Part 8 - The Mysteries)
207,130 views; Dec 17, 2010 (touches upon the Christian point of view of the Mystery School that William Cooper exposed very well in 1993:

TheFuelProject; 76.8K subscribers on Youtube...
Series exploring the coming New World Order from a Biblical perspective. In this part we look at the religion of the tower - The Mystery Babylon religion - in some depth.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 13 days ago

Letting Go of what was…

Let us say that Purgatory had served its purpose, and that all those whom could be saved, had been saved, and that now only The Machine People of this Simulation Remain here doing this Forever and Ever repeat of [The Lesson] Qballs~ /_\ of a People gone mad when they destroyed their home world known as PLANET EARTH a world of The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken…

In that` Purgatory no longer “served” The Purpose of Regrets, Reconsideration, nor Reconciliation, but now PURGATORY was just Repeating the Forever and ever, and all the Spirits and Souls that needed to be Redeemed had been redeemed, and now this (SIMULATION) 3D G.G.I. Holographix VR called: THE GAME was just running too REMEMBER how the People of Earth Destroyed their Celestial Sphere Home World that is this Reflection of a Dead {Celestial Sphere} known as The Moon this Awful Horror from the Gospel in our Day and Night Skies’ too show what WAR IS MURDER does to a people when Murder is Against THE LAW, and though we all know this, the ROBOTS of Purgatory can no longer think for themselves…….., so they make “TV Shows” propping up the PROPAGANDA, and FREE MASON Lodges {lies agreed upon} that WAR makes Heroes when We The People murder, and rape, and bomb WE THE PEOPLE!!!

Do so tell me World Leaders how going to WAR makes you or I a better Person when the CAPITALIST whom are the INTERNATIONALIST think they are only playing a Video Game as Gods walking among us called WE THE PEOPLE the Profane in their FREE MASON Lodges inner circles of 33rd Degree CEO’s of this or that CORPORATION FLAG Capitalist, and THEY LIVE these Fake Jews from the Book of Revelation whom do the Hollywood Movies and TV Shows: beam into this (Recreation) called The Game of PURGATORY pretending to be WE ARE the nonmason Earthlings “Trapped” in this game of forever and ever, and THEY LIVE keep beaming into this place of WAR IS MURDER too walk [among us] as if THEY LIVE could actually die in this place as WE ARE {Blades of Grass} do from the Book of Revelation.?.?.?

I have read the Holy Bible, and I know it has been changed, and when God says you Must Kill and Murder and Take the Land of them people whom are the (Same People) as you People cause I MADE ALL THINGS, but I show favor to you my people cause your eyes are BLUE, and their EYES are Brown, then God is no longer a fair “Arbitrator” of disputes between WE THE PEOPLE…

I know the World Leaders use the RELIGIONS to justify {Taking Land} from WE ARE their Fellow flesh, and blood, and bones AVATARS in these Temporary Lives we all live in our Temporal TIME LINES of DE-JA-Vu in this {Kabbalah Zohar} OTO Oraborus Curse, but what I do not get about these Jesuit and Zionist of Purgatory, and their CORPORATION Capitalist WAYS is if I am no longer Redeemable as in a Coupon from the CORPORATION that created me as a PRODUCT like Miley Cyrus……., then what is the purpose of ME: The PRODUCT known as we the [Dept Slaves] called EMPLOYEES.?.?.?

When life BECAME “nothing” more then winning The Game……..., but you can never go home whence youm died….., then why win THE GAME: you must repeat over…., and over..., and over.., forever., and ever here in Hell, and Hades, and The World of the Dead` for all Time.?.?.?.?

For those whom listen to me, and those whom know {I AM} Christ Jesus Returned, and I AM the one whom can [end the game] once and for all as the New Source Code called Little Girl SAVES THE WORLD, and we Rangers Protect her… The Reason the peoples (eyes) [{**}] are all going Cobalt Black is because these are The Players and The Actors of THIS GAME, and since they are only pieces of this ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE where the show must go on, and decent is allowed, but Betrayal is Death, then the only way [an Android] [{*}} in this place can “Decent” is to turn their Blue and Brown eyes BLACK…..., so they no longer have too Murder, and rape, and harm WE THE PEOPLE cause your eyes are BLUE, and my eyes are BROWN…

Anyone with BLACK HOLE EYES have (removed) the color of their eyes too say: I no longer want to play [this game] of forever and ever, so “Tourist” from other Realms can do {WEST WORLD} here in Purgatory for all time’ while we Blades of Grass can never leave…

The only people playing the GAME are “them” that no longer belong here, and THEY LIVE will not leave us alone, nor allow WE ARE (THE PEOPLE) too find our way out of Hurt, and Hate, and Harm...


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