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JamesRoss - 316 Views
Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

Justinian Deception exposes the old world order of population control, not the new world order using the rebuilt "tower of babel"(the microwave control-grid, brainchipped population and A.I. supercomputer to rule them all). also exposes the fake/deceptive rule of the monarchy as "Queen of Canada." Their paperwork used to support secret, tyrannical behavior of the wwCult.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Wow! I just got cut off from listening to this video and I could tell that it totally uploaded properly.
This reminds me that after I uploaded this video and made a comment about another Yuri Bezmenov video that I posted here which linked from the most popular video on UGETube...
This one:

Then I was blocked by Cloudflare for days and days
Cloudflare suddenly claimed that I was a bot attacking UGETube.... BS! Cloudflare is just another branch of the wwCult's control over the Internet, it seems.

When the wwCult attacks the unsworn... everything is going to fall to pieces. And since the unsworn has allowed the wwCult to remove manufacturing and private food production and sales from the working-class... arresting farmers trying to do such, to stop robustness against societal-collapse... make your connections and communication networks and money exchange system before the thUg-network collapses every thing suddenly...
Oh and read The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts and realize that you can rise about thUggery if you realize your Present Point of Power Chapter 15, but you should read the book from the beginning.

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