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"Serve the Queen" surveillance by the Secret Societies... yes, the mason-thUgs

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Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

I pulled this from Jon's site

This applies to all ex-colonies of the UK.

Canada is a "Constitutional Monarchy" where the woman named Elisabeth is the "Defender of the Faith" (what faith would that be?... Vatican faith?) for all canadian shitizens.

What is this? The Wrong Crown was worn during coronation? How insincere!

In 1953, Elisabeth had a Vatican Catholic crown placed upon her head. What did that mean... "Defender of the Faith"?
St Edwards Catholic Crown was used:
The protestant Crown was not used: by Steven Spiers, Rob Sudy, Juha Kriskonen,

Realm and CommonWealth Part 1 Steven Spiers

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