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Aaron Russo Tells All (He wasn't a Masonic "New Atlantis" murderous-thUg so they thUgged him away from informing the unsworn.)

JamesRoss - 608 Views
Published on 19 Aug 2021 / In People and Blogs

"Freedom To Fascism" was Russo's most impacting movie that helped get him selected for assassination by the Freemasons anyhow… while not naming their New Atlantis agenda for the USA.
Unlike William Cooper, Russo did not identify the Freemasonic Communist Collective during this interview, or Jones edited it out.

Jones neither pointed out that Freemasons (they help create the infowar name for jones and he just says “globalists”, rich-elite, mafia… he deflects on purpose about covert brainchipping as well which is the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel) are the police and fire departments thUgs that destroyed Aaron’s Club in Chicago. Freemasons hide the Mystery School Cult that Homo capensis orchestrates and the rebuilt Tower of Babel


“Everyone needs to stop playing their fake-money, dollar game if the USA Republic wants to avert the Rise of Cult’s “New Atlantis” conspiracy!”

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

I caught Alex Jones in April 2018 say on the air "The purpose of Infowars is completed, everything from here on is just gravy!"
I already suspected Jones was actually another controlled-opposition Judas Goat... I could see through his many double-speak sessions... He would never expose the brainchip attack upon the targeted individuals callers, just hang up and say they were mentally ill. Jones wiped out his blog after I exposed the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel using brainchips:

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