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Masonic NEW WORLD ORDER is Tainted With Genocide/Murder(Like Old Atlantis) Thus IT WILL FAIL

JamesRoss - 251 Views
Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Freemasonic-Luciferians are behind the rise of Communism and their "Fiery Phoenix."

Old Atlantis was blasted out of existence by a thunderbolt from Mars creating The Great Lakes, Carolina Bays, Utah Basins. It killed their Tower-Of-Babel A.i. supercomputer. Freemasonry hide his ancient history from the sheople using their education systems and Universities and fake history books.

Freemasonry creates collectivism, fascism, and communism (or socialism in a rush). Behind Freemasonry is the Mystery School Cult which William Cooper exposed with his Mystery Babylon Radio Series. Behind this dominate wwCult are the ancient devils, Homo capensis, the failed species of mankind that secret societies keep secret from the sheople.
And here you have learned the foundations of why current society is going through chaos with crazy authority... Freemasons and minions have infiltrated every position of authority and are guided by an A.i. supercomputer with the purpose to model WW3 against the sheople.

This is why the clot-shot genocide is happening and crazy, stupid police-state behavior of the governments around the world.

Now, you must resist tyranny. If you accept tyranny from freemasonry, they will kill you since you don't serve the ancient Homo capensis' many secret societies. The Creator-God will make your life worth your effort, never give-up striving for your personal good-intent for a better world. You are in a test, training ground to prove your worthiness to possess a successful soul. The murderous-intent and conspiratorial genicde workers are unworthy to possess a complete soul as theirs is decaying and shriveling away within them.

The Creator-God has this NWO takeover all under control... you just don't understand God's purpose to let this happen... Your challenge is to help fix it the best you can with integrity and love. Don't worry about dying in a multidimensional universe... you simply jump to a better probable world if others see you die. They are left behind as you keep striving for a better (more loving) world. Murderous thUgs are upon the low road towards failure of their souls. The Creator-God has no use for the decaying soul of a conspiratorial, murderous thUg. It is bye, bye, shit-hearted pie, they all bake themselves into a smelly horrible dish that nobody wants. And there is no mind-uploads, suckers, Homo capensis lied to them about going "Ad Astra."

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