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⁣⁣Astana, Kazakhstan - The Illuminati and New World Order Capital City [FULL of Masonic Symbols]

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre - 381 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2022 / In How-to and Style

⁣⁣Astana, Kazakhstan - The Illuminati and New World Order Capital City [FULL of Masonic Symbols]

Kazakhstan and the Illuminati in an Unfinished Metropolis

Sinister Sites – Nur-Sultan, Khazakhstan

Astana The Future New World Order City Capital of Kazakhstan

Astana (Nur-Sultan) - The world's weirdest capital city (Kazakhstan)

Masonic Symbols - Astana, Kazakhstan

Hidden Symbols: The Illuminati Capital ASTANA Kazakhstan?

Astana The Future New World Order City Capital of Kazakhstan
For starters, there’s the ‘Palace of Peace and Reconciliation’: a vast pyramid structure near the heart of the city that contains an opera hall, the round table used for meetings of the Kazakh congress and at its apex, a glass-walled observation platform. The ‘Bayterek Tower’ meanwhile, is said to illustrate a Kazakh myth about a golden egg supported by the limbs of a magical tree. However, this giant golden orb could easily be mistaken for an image of the sun. As we all know, sun worship is closely associated with early pagan practices, and even within the Christian faith has connotations with Lucifer, the ‘Light Bringer’ or ‘Morning Star’.

11, 13 and 33 - The Illuminati / Freemason Signature
One of the major created things that pagans worship are Numbers. Occultists literally worship science and the mathematics underlying science. They literally believe that numbers possess inherent power, all their own. Listen to the explanation of one of history's greatest Satanists, W. Wynn Wescott, who was extremely influential in the latter part of the 19th Century.

To reiterate: "... 'Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony ... spiritually as well as physically ... to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The sacredness of numbers ..." [Ibid.]

The Satanist always places great power in numbers, especially the Black Magic Satanist. As we have stated in earlier articles, Daniel 8:23-25 tells us that the religion practiced by Antichrist is Black Magick; further, Revelation 17:17 tells us that the final 10 kings are of the same mindset and religion as Antichrist. Thus, we were not surprised that both Presidents Bush are Black Magic practitioners from the Skull & Bones Society, and that President Clinton was a practicing Black Magic Satanist.

Satanists believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct numbers, or it may not be successful. They go to great lengths to make an event occur according to the correct numbers. During the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, we demonstrated how the attacks were carried out according to the Number '11', their number of Antichrist.

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