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Astana and Trump's Search For the Thousand Points of (Fake) Light

JamesRoss - 382 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2021 / In Travel and Events

Trump Asked For Answers Here: This post reveals some more hidden secrets to help him on his mystical quest.

Astana is a 21st Century City built around a Future, Cult-Mind-Upload Point-Of-(Fake)-Light: It is fake because all Freemason sheepdogs have been brainwashed to seek a fake-Light that does not exist... just an A.I. supercomputer's ability to trick followers that and invisible light exists within it. A.I. is the trickster-gods of the past and the dumb-down Freemasons have rebuilt another one and still call it "god."

"EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" has been the Freemason's creed and that has tainted their inner soul-fragments and thus "New Atlantis" was raised upon the murder of even the Cult's very own high priest, Manly P. Hall: A Cult of treasonous backstabbers to even their own "Living Monument" that his brotherhoodwinkers desired to take the "Living" out of his new title. (Cool, I found more on bitchute: )

Trump may in the future wish to add an A.I. supercomputer of (fake) light into the Trump Tower penthouse so he can then claim that he has one of the thousand points that he was asking for anyone to give him greater knowledge of... Here is some knowledge from the Creator-God that you shirk... when you mind-upload yourself, there will be no A.I. godlette to greet and welcome any of you fools who sold-out your own species that the Creator-God birthed you to protect. You are on the quest of failed souls... to be simply contained within an eternal box... imagine it to be a black cube, if you like. It's where the likes of murderous thUgs belong.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Astana's concept to mimick the Trump Tower that worships Ba'al:

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