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Luciferians Worship the Fake Light (Thousand Points of Fake Light Around the World)

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Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

Plasma Physicist David LaPoint exposes the religion of magnetism that Freemasons and other Luciferians worship: LaPoint is the real Tesla of enlightenment, but the dumb-down sheeple cannot even smell what is right under their noses because they didn't bother to self-educate. The dumb think the schools taught them that the sun is big fusion reactor... oh woe unto thee silly sheep, reader of false scriptures. The wwCult has you ancient script-readers all confused with their lies upon lies that you mistake for truth. Even LaPoint is tricked by Luciferian high-tech lies:

This is the magnetic field inside the bowl/dome magnets that looks like a bee-hive honey-comb.... Hence the bees found in Luciferian artwork and paintings

"Golden Boy" is actually Hermes (the trickster god, or Lucifer the Light Bearer, like the Statue of Liberty in NY ) who carries the "Caduceus" that some hospitals of Satan use in place of the staff of Asclepadecus or the healing staff of wisdom. Ever play Dungeons and Dragons... it is a Luciferian derived game, but is just a role playing game that Freemasons do every day still...
"You got to wake you ass up!"
Golden Boy is Manitoba's point of fake Light. and the figure on top of the White House is another point of Fake Light. To be renamed the "Light House" haa ha, what jokers those Luciferians IS, IS.

The Washington Arch is actually Luciferian worship and a select pact of thUgs stood behind that arch to symbolically watch the implosion of the WTC on 9/11. If we only knew how wicked those Freemason really are under their veil of secrecy.: "Exitus Acta Probat" tanslates to "the NWO is worth the deadly deeds of murdering sheep" This sysmbolism is so important to the ancient Homo capensis masters of Freemasonry is that an ancient thUg was likely calling the shots... While all the Luciferian humans were standing behind the Remnant-Lumanian master under the arch... he then gave the signal to collapse the first tower by raising his arms while giving the minions their hivemind signal to implode the first tower. Then another ancient master did the same thing for the next demolition of the OWO. This is like killing a baby on a stone altar, then drinking her blood. Homo capensis hate human women the most. Because their offspring-biology rejected thUg sperm. haa haa... and humanity was the result.

Trump Tower make become another Fake Light source:

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